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A 44% Americans would go to a restaurant if the situation returns to normal tomorrow


If there is something that characterizes this moment, in addition to the health and social drama that this pandemic is causing, is by the enormous uncertainty that has invaded any type of personal or professional decision short, medium and long term.

Many readers ask us through the different digital channels what will happen to the restaurants once the situation begins to normalize, There are also countless articles that are published every day in the different media talking about the day after.. Many of them are more a wish or purpose list, what analysis based on estimated or actual data.

As on many other occasions, we have to rely on external information to try to predict, What will future situations be like in different societies if this state of emergency ends?.

For this we look at a survey published by the American newspaper ABC News Just a few days ago, in which he asked his respondents that if social distancing orders and restrictions on public activity will end today, What would you do tomorrow?

Well, according to this survey, he 77% of Americans would return to work and the 51% would go to cut his hair, seems like a common need.

But the data that interests us the most, following the editorial line of this newspaper, is the one that refers to the desire of the Americans to return to the restaurants, and unfortunately, it seems that they are not too many and it is that less than half, specific a 44%, I would go out to eat at a restaurant and only 21% I would go to a bar.

The data can be interpreted in different ways, but if we compare it with what the Americans said before the coronavirus crisis began, we can really give it the dimension that it has, and is that he 96% He said that going to restaurants was part of his routine.

I am not clear, if this data can be extrapolated to other countries or to other companies, what is evident is that the return to the new normality of the clients does not seem that it is going to be excessively massive, not enthusiastic.

There is no doubt that there is fear in the environment, that the degree of concern about a possible contagion is high, that the client is not going to jeopardize the great personal effort that this confinement is supplying, And because of that, restaurants must take extreme security guarantees so that customers gradually decide to return to that wonderful routine of going to restaurants and bars.

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  1. Aldana Robledo on

    Good afternoon
    The mistake of calling Americans is constantly repeated in the article “American”. This can be misinterpreted since Americans are the ones who live throughout the continent of America. Instead, the survey was only made to some people in the US, which can vary greatly if you survey the people of the continent, not from just one country.
    Thank you for your time and the information provided..
    regards, Aldana

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