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A 70% customers consume more on their favorite restaurants if you should offer home delivery


We are engaged in a economic paradigm shift. The millennials They are no longer a demographic segment that attributed problems to become the key driver of change gear.

Speaking of changes, one of the most notable being experienced today in the catering sector responds to a need for greater privacy and comfort by these young people entering the market now.

So that, en EE.UU., the volume of business that move food orders at home begins to gradually overcome that is associated with the physical presence of diners at local to enjoy a meal or an evening at the restaurant table.

Especially susceptible are fast food outlets, even those that offer superior quality products to the standard: hamburgueserías premium, fornos Stone, fusion of haute cuisine and street food, etc.

For a restaurateur who need to draw up an action plan right now, It is indispensable numbers, documented statistics to help you make informed decisions that positively impact business finance.

The problem is that climate change itself is a detriment in this regard. Any inquiry is quickly outdated because of the acceleration of the process or the elastic effect, in a short period, It seems to stop the acceptance of change, but in a longer time interval it is not more than a short break in a well-defined trend.

To stay properly informed, nothing better than going to the most recent studies, And recently it has published a very enlightening about to the latest consumer preferences!

Questions about customer tastes and trends

The study has been published to Rochester, a company famous and well known among those involved in the world of restoration because it is the world leader in digital orders and reservations, as well as consumer involvement, and whose clients numerous restoration giants are counted as Kentucky Fried Chicken, Burger King o Pizza Hut.

For conducting surveys, the company has partnered with company SSI, relationship has allowed to 2.000 customers with quick service establishments fast food or casual give their opinion on a number of issues.

Some of the curiosities to be drawn from this study are:

  • The fact that consumers would demand food once again a month if the cost of home delivery were included.
  • La Querencia for the service is observed not only among youth, all age groups have learned to appreciate the convenience of receiving food at home.
  • He 55% Internet users prefer to use the web or app own restaurant when ordering instead of relying third party service, as aggregators restaurants, review pages and reserve managers.

The full report can be downloaded from the page Tillster, under its publications Second Quarter 2018. Nevertheless, You do not need to fight with the original English to remove some of the Key findings for the catering industry:

  • Customer demand clear breakdown of food costs. A) Yes, a 83% of respondents prefer the price to pay for home delivery services are expressed in secreted form, and in any case it is desired that the amount of increase menus without further explanation to meet such expenses.
  • He 80% customers are willing to put out a maximum of five dollars for the distribution of food delivery. Exceed this value implies an almost universal rejection that can damage the restaurant business options. Should the local require a higher rate, it would be imperative to explore alternatives to reduce this price.
  • The only circumstance in which consumers accept an increase this rate is if there were a plus that would allow them to receive their food over a period of time substantially less. This service would be used by a 45% of study participants.
  • Delivery food delivery is established as an indispensable service for restaurants. A 70% users would be encouraged to consume more often if your favorite restaurants should offer home delivery. Failure to provide this service, should investigate the possibilities offered by outsourcing companies food delivery.
  • This last trend is also intergenerational, although in the case of the largest segments 55 years, the number of repeat customers who experience low to home 50%.

The investigators They have discovered several points who have opened their eyes regarding measures should be taken on the premises to boost sales. We hope that our readers would be equally useful.

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