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A former senior official of Google reveals the tricks of how to get diners book the most popular restaurants


Brian W. Fitzpatrick Google went through all kinds of honors. He co-founded the engineering office Chicago (OF. UU.) and led various projects programming from there. Later, He decided to form Tock, company of which he is founder and chief technology officer.

Tock is a app Mobile that helps manage the reserve of diners at restaurants. also features a desktop application for those who prefer to work from this.

The operation of the tool is simple but effective. In addition to offering a simple interface to interact with information, Tock also implements traceability. Tracking options complement the software so that restorers can have a closer to reality idea about what the state of stocks in their classrooms.

To succeed in this adventure, Brian teamed up with acclaimed restaurant owner. Nick Kokonas, owner paragraph de Chicago, It helped that initial code lines were to become a viable business.

Having raised 9.5 million in Series B funding and bring into operation five years, Money is not the only thing these two visionaries have amassed. A well-nourished current accounts paths is further added base macrodatos unmatched.

Analysis of the information collected by the app Fitzpatrick mobile allowed to publicize some of the ways in which diners can put the odds in your favor when you are looking table at a local highly sought. The tips are just the statistical application of real situations that are taking place regularly now.

Here we present five ways to improve your chances by booking a restaurant in high demand.

1.- Reserve table for more people, the toughest tables are those of 2pax

Reserve a table for two is much more difficult to book for more.

The salons of the most desired restaurants have fixed tables for a specific number of diners. The tables for two diners left half-empty only when the group bookings have not been enough to fill the place.

From the point of view of the customer, this opens the door to Reserve with friends to ensure that nobody is left out.

However, be careful with too clever. If you book for four, but only two are shown, This will put squarely on the blacklist. You away with it once, but your subsequent bookings will be inspected with a magnifying glass. Not worth gamble, it is better to talk to friends, go in groups and meet promised.

2.- Booking not demand hours, at the beginning or end of shift

In some apps mobile booking shows available hours presented on screen, but many managers this is not so. It is common for potential customers entering the locker an hour for lunch or dinner in high demand.

Peak hours are often quickly depleted, and yet the most extreme times the restaurant room just being half empty.

The person who will make the reservation can use this knowledge to conform to a more infrequent schedule and ensure that you will find a table available.

This trick works even in the most popular restaurants. Reserve near the time of opening or closing is very good idea.

3.- Knows the inner workings of the restaurant to know better time to book

Not all work equally restaurants internally. Having this in mind can help us book time at that facility which we have always wanted to go.

When restaurants open their long term bookings, they usually do so with a specific periodicity. Maybe they do every Monday morning, maybe it on certain fixed dates each month or maybe only open new positions when it has covered a quota of the preceding.

As if it were a virtual queue, the future diners can access your favorite booking system just as they have opened up new places and book a table with no problem. This way you can, Besides, meet all requirements in a matter of hours and location within the local.

Of course, to follow this strategy you need to know how the restaurant works internally, and for this, nothing better than to ask directly to the local workforce. If the situation is explained have no problem in giving us information on how to position ourselves better in this kind of virtual queues to not fail in achieving our coveted table.

4.- Do not enter into blacklists and always attends your reservations, not the “no-shows”

In the catering industry, one of the biggest ugly to do is not show up for the restaurant once reserved table, the famous “no-show”. Business incurs a double loss when the consumer acts thus Disrespectfully.

With incidence rates that reach 20% reserves, the no-show They are treated with a zero tolerance policy. Once you've made the mistake of not attending, It will be difficult to rebook successfully in the restaurant in question. The subsequent bookings you make with your profile will be scrutinized and may not be accepted.

Some users have reservation systems of the bad habit of booking for the same time in different restaurants just in case plans change at the last minute. This is a mistake in the long run and some apps mobile and desktop and actively fight against these stratagems preventing multiple bookings or penalizing who tries to make, without the necessary intervention Restaurant.

5.- Gives early warnings to the restaurant if you are unable to go

There are a plethora of reasons that can cause fulfill the responsibilities acquired through the reservation is impossible.

No problem as long as you notify as soon as possible. Restaurateurs are very sympathetic to customers who act in a respectful and call or write to indicate that the reservation must be canceled. It's more, If you still want to go through the restaurant below is very possible that staff caring communications offer alternative dates to move the reservation.

In case you can not be agreed a change in that instant, there is always the possibility that facilities are given for booking easier when the diner is ready to go through the living room.

Act in good faith is always worthwhile.

With these tips to make reservations for the most popular restaurants in your city becomes feasible.

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