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Good coffee always accompanies the best experiences in restaurants


said the philosopher Bauman, in its liquid modern metaphor, we live in an ever changing world and accelerated, in which technology has connected us to a click away from almost everything and at a speed never known.

In this unlimited race day that defines the life of the XXI Century, need quiet time to enjoy the journey and re-start the competition with the same enthusiasm with which you finished.

Increasingly, dining experiences in different places, but especially in restaurants and hotels represent those pauses necessary, rich in pleasure and emotions, allowing you to relax and enjoy the importance of the moment.

But perhaps where they reach their maximum expression is coffee time, where some diners even change their body posture at the restaurant table to address this important time as the ending deserves a gastronomic experience, and which to offer customers a cup of excellent coffee which is at the height of the dishes sampled and allow enjoy that moment.

as he says the chef Quique Dacosta, three Michelin stars, and one of the great representatives of the avant-garde gastronomy in Spain, "People no longer go to restaurants only to eat and drink well, but to live experiences and the desktop is a time to relax and share in coffee is a must to dismiss with the best taste to diners accompaniment "

Nespresso Professional, In addition to being a company committed to the environment and with farmers in their countries of origin, It offers all kinds of solutions for the hospitality industry with a variety of machines, coffee industry, gourmet coffees High quality and a wide flavors and range of intensities, offering personalized attention to customers of hotels and restaurants to make them feel special and in turn, like at home.

This was reaffirmed Vincent Studer, general manager de The One Barcelona, with over a decade of experience in the luxury sector, “Nespresso, being a brand known worldwide, It helps us to make guests feel at home ", also highlights the brand engagement, ensuring you have an answer to any unexpected in less than 24 hours.

Customers restaurants and hotels; all come together in one place looking for time, experiences and pleasure, knowing that the excitement of the moment is always the result of the excellence of the people and where a cup of coffee contains the right ingredients to get.

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