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A good example of how a restaurant should NOT do online advertising Instagram


Instagram it is becoming the best commercial showcase for restaurants, and restaurateurs know.

Having learned what the potential of social media marketing thanks to Facebook, as well as online advertising through Google, and a plethora of small promotional gimmicks in Arabian websites; It comes the turn to apply everything learned in Instagram.

But not everything is. A couple of months ago the network was reflected in the case Sugo restaurant was incorrect labeling locations in their publications. And it was not any locations ...

Sugo Bloor Street restaurant, Toronto (Canada)

He Sauce is a Italian restaurant offering meals Casual visitors. Among the specialties of the house are the sauce (Italian word that refers to tomato sauce), grilled sandwiches, traditional pasta and Mediterranean salads. At present these dishes across North America join other less explored as squid, pickled olives, ricotta gnocchi or the tiramisí.

What do all of these items in common? Each of these dishes are prepared with love, not only the ingredients and preparation techniques, but also by tradition and the Italian lifestyle.

Where formerly a fast food chain was located, there is now a setting decorated with pictures and magazine clippings that illustrate important boxers, sport in which the Italian emigrants to America once had great participation.

These images are wrapped with overall look reminiscent of the Italian cafes of the fifties and sixties: checkerboard tile vermilion, matching wooden chairs, bright and open space, white vintage lamps ...

All details affect daytime bustle that exists in the local; compared to other restaurants in the area, Sugo is a restaurant mainly serves meals in which. Its strong point is comfort.

It is perfectly located in one of the largest residential and commercial streets of the city Toronto. Bloor Street is dominated by small offices full of skyscrapers, buildings contemporary design and own ruckus of an urban main artery. At Sugo, Thus, no shortage passersby passing in front of your door.

Nevertheless Sugo seem willing to do anything to promote your business. To date there have been three the unusual cases where the brand has been involved.

First, in mid-November, They suffered public ridicule to badly cater the demands of accessibility for people with disabilities by networks. The origin of the problem was a question from Chris Stigus, they just wanted to know if the place was wheelchair accessible.

A refusal by Conor Joerin, account manager Sugo Instagram, They followed a large number of messages indicating the obligation to accommodate guests in wheelchairs.

The growing tension among Internet led to the answers of Conor denotasen a clear aggressive tone. So good its establishment was adapted to the regulations of the city on accessibility, Stigus said he was deeply hurt by some of the answers expressed during the discussion, a discussion that he never intended to take place.

During an interview City News, Conor apologized stating that given the business benefits expenses would be, in any case, unjustifiable, as it would be required without tables, reforming the bathrooms and do work on the step input.

If nothing had happened more, how to act Conor might have been overlooked. But soon came to the surface a story that reported on the promotional bad company practices.

It all started on the page Instagram, where they labeled their location on nearby businesses: gyms, bakeries, art Galeries. The problem would come soon when the restorer begin geoposicionar local in places where fancy restaurants are in the area. This ruse advertising online have been affected restaurants La Banane, Alo, want 101 and Terroni.

The latter, a direct competitor of Sugo, would not stay silent. During a conversation between Sugo and direct message Terroni, this place, most famous for its pizzas, He requested that this behavior should cease. From the point of view of Conor, this fraudulent geolocation was made for fun and to draw attention.

Far from keeping the issue out of the public, Conor would direct allusion to the conversation with Terroni in a publication in which they berated their criticism, and their little taste for pasta and seafood. Labeling methodology Instagram has not changed since.

This strategy marketing social networking is more typical of the dark side, that that flirts with the thin line that separates the legal from the illegal: he marketing black hat. Nevertheless, considering all the stories have surfaced about Sugo Toronto in recent weeks, one wonders if the brilliance of a blackhatter or obfuscation of a chef with few ways which promotes these outrageous actions.

La última noticia en la que se han visto envueltos comenzó por buen camino pero pronto se torció. El jefe de cocina de la cadena de restaurantes Oliver & Bonacini, compartía desde su perfil de Instagram su satisfacción por la comida que le habían servido en el Sugo, a lo que un excliente del Sugo, Oliver Joseph de Reino Unido, contestaba que no podía creer que esa fuera la verdadera opinión del reconocido chef.

Oliver Joseph había dejado meses atrás una mala reseña sobre el Sugo, refiriéndose a unos gnocchi que dejaban mucho que desear. De nuevo Conor no supo controlar sus emociones y acabó recriminando duramente al cliente, amenazas veladas incluidas, dejando el renombre del local por los suelos.

Hay defensores de que cualquier publicidad es buena, por mala que sea. No queda claro que este sea uno de esos casos. Sí somos conscientes, no obstante, de que existen métodos alternativos con menores riesgos.

A la hora de usar Instagram con fines promocionales hay que considerar que se está representando la imagen de marca de la empresa. Si no se es capaz de hacerlo de forma adecuada, es mejor desaprovechar la oportunidad y no tener presencia en la red social, o si es imperativo disponer de un perfil en la red social, poner estos trabajos en manos de un especialista en la materia, por ejemplo, un gestor de reputación online.

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