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Study confirms menus hand-written restaurants attract more customers


Last May, the prestigious research journal Journal of Business Research published the study "Love is on the menu: enhancement of the brand restaurant with manual Typefaces », signed by researchers Stephanie Q. Liu Ohio State University, and Sungwoo Choi and Anna S. Mattila of Pennsylvania State University.

In this new work will demonstrate the benefits of the fonts used in outdoor signs and restaurant menus, discovering several partners in the consumer behavior never seen before.

Researchers attempted a innovative in the field of demarcation approach by typographic design, a study area of ​​the marketing and psychology that has been extensively studied throughout the history of science, It is fully tested to the point that the world's leading companies spent huge amounts of money creating their distinctive typefaces (the clearest example would be Coca Cola in the food sector).

The new study hypothesis sought to discover what effects it has on consumers handwritten letter. At present calligraphy on menus is a highly valued waiters and capacity baristas, however there is no metric that quantifies the true effect of these skills.

Since there are mechanical devices capable of mimicking the letter by hand, this new study could open the way to a new industry custom press dedicated to service restoration and similar businesses.

To confirm that the handwritten letter has, indeed, a positive impact on the future of our business, the three authors resorted to the platform microtrabajos Amazon Mechanical Turk to recruit participants. The cohort of persons selected demographic segment covered 20 a 84 years with an average age of just over 36. Total 185 Participants residents EE. THE. formed part of the evidence.

These 185 people faced three different situations, model with two restaurants. The first restoration business was used as an example of a fictitious Local, el Rilo’s Kitchen: "A restaurant committed to health, their menu is entirely based on local ingredients, free of antibiotics and GMO; and it is sensitized to the sustainability"As indicated in the descriptions given to the participants.

On the other hand, It was also invented another restaurant whose kitchen had but healthy aspects are not highlighted, from environmental sustainability and caution with products of unknown long-term effects of which he displayed the Rilo's Kitchen.

Within these two restaurants, customers had to write down what was their attitude towards establishments on three fronts: the menu, how healthy the experience and level of involvement was perceived in social networks. further, It took into account an additional factor: if the food was alone or if it was accompanied.

The results were enlightening. In all cases the sources handwritten caused outperformance, and these specially blunted in the case of unescorted guests commenting on how healthy restaurant seemed the offer and lonely to comment on the level of involvement in social networks users.

The study's findings were not expected. For the manager of the restaurant business These results imply the need to pay special attention to the design of the menus and the contributions made in social networks, especially those that focus on visual cues share as may be the case Facebook o Instagram, among other. This is of crucial importance for all those restaurants that are associated with healthy lifestyles: vegan and vegetarian cuisines, restaurants specializing in organic or local products, establishments offering customized menus for people with special dietary requirements, etc.

Although the mechanisms through which a hand-made typography impact on the perceived quality of the local have not been fully explained, It is estimated that this is because the human touch, more evident when dispensed typewritten fonts, It leads to a thought process that associates these letters love those responsible put on their services Y, thus, quality of food and services.

In the words of the authors: "The belief that “it has put love to the menu” derives a wide range of positive responses by the consumer, including positive attitudes towards the menu, one healthy increase in perceived how is the food brand, and increased participation in social networks'.

The authors would not go unnoticed by either increasing the number of restaurants that are promoted with terms associated with healthy lifestyles in recent times. Thus, propose that These new findings could promote a substantial increase in the turnover of such marks restoration.

In the end only a 18% restaurants that focus on this type of niche feature handwritten menus, as he revealed a sample of 95 independent local and chains dedicated to this market segment were studied by the researchers as part of that study.

Thanks to this multidisciplinary team from several US universities. UU., we now know that marketing efforts for restoration can be done with something as affordable as a hand-written menus.

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