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A study shows that eating in restaurants increases blood pressure


Do you have high blood pressure? If the answer is yes, Take time to reflect on your eating habits and Ask yourself if you usually eating out or dining out regularly, because that may be the key. A study of the Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School, Medical University of Singapore, It has been found that the eating in restaurants it is directly related to the rise in blood pressure.

Contrary to what many may think, here it is not whether the restaurant is fast food or not. Research points as main causes of the rise in blood pressure to high amounts of salt, saturated fat and calories that carry the food we eat in restaurants.

High blood pressure or hypertension is the leading cause of cardiovascular diseases such as obesity, heart failure and / or renal, and brain failure, resulting, even, to the death.

The study involved the participation of 501 in total, ages 18 Y 40 years, which they attended the university where they took data on blood pressure, the body mass index (IMC), levels of physical activity, their lifestyle and how often they ate away from home.

its predecessor, Professor Tazeen Jafar, Services Program and Health Systems Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School N Singapore, highlighted the need for a study applicable to the population of Southeast Asia, when there were many focused on the US and Japan. That is why so it was decided to conduct an investigation revealed that he should put "lifestyles associated with pre-hypertension and hypertension that would apply to young adults worldwide, especially Asian”.

What researchers found was that the 27,4% students had high blood pressure -he 49% of male participants and 9% Women participants-, in addition to the 38% of the students They went to a restaurant an average of more than 12 times a week, nearly twice daily. This, coupled with its low physical activity, It stood at within the parameters prehypertension.

modifiable behaviors

Jafar stresses that These lifestyles are "Potentially modifiable", so that offers, never better said, turn the tables with policies governing the use of salt and fats that are served in restaurants. This teacher tops its recommendations to the need for young doctors conciencien, with special attention to boys, to change their eating behaviors and limit the time they go to restaurants, whether they are fast food as if they are not.

But the problem lies not only eat but where we eat. If many choose to prepare a meal at home looking for a healthier option, Maybe they're making a similar mistake, because in many cases they will be processed foods prepared with excessive levels of sodium and trans fats.

Another study by Scientists at the University of Illinois has shown that manipulating the porosity of food during manufacture can decrease the amount of sodium needed, so that for processed foods taste better is added with a high salt.

The red blood pressure in the United States

One of the countries most affected by cardiovascular disease is the United States, where the culture of eating out, especially junk food, It is fully extended in society.

Approximately 70 million people suffer from high blood pressure, according to Centers for Disease Control (CDC, by the acronym of Centers for Disease). This means that one out of three US citizens have health problems for this cause, of which only half-exactly the 52%- They have the disease under control, very disturbing numbers due to the severity of the consequences that may result.

The United States allocated approximately 46 billion each year to combat diseases caused by high blood pressure, It is including the cost of health care services, medicines to treat high blood pressure and low labor.

New York City has already taken action in this matter and from 1 March 2016 It shall be binding for all those restaurant chains with more than 15 points of sale identify with an icon of a saltshaker, as shown in the following image, the dishes containing more than 2.300 milligrams of sodium.

To expand knowledge, in this case on the effects of eating junk food, I recommend viewing the documentary Super Size Me, Morgan Spurlock.

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