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A study shows that most diners leave negative comments in bad weather


In Spain we often blame the coldness of human relations in Europe to bad weather. At other times we justify the influx of foreigners to our shores because it is logical to want to escape the leaden skies that prevail more to the north. Some people even dare to relate the number of suicides in each country with sunshine hours than their citizens perceive.

Now science gives some reason all those tribulations. A recent study published in the journal Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research shows that customers tend to leave more negative reviews in bad weather.

And if the day is any discomfort nimia dog can fill the glass. Researchers involved in article, multidisciplinary team of Ohio State University (OF. UU.), They conducted three experiments.

32 a local casual dining chain in Florida participated in the research, as collaborators of the first experimental evidence.

Scientists crossed the reviews left by diners with weather information from the National Climatic Data Center, emergiesen for relations between the two factors.

The first thing that became clear is that three factors associated with the weather causing a greater incidence of negative reviews: The rain, low temperatures, and low barometric pressures (associated squalls).

To corroborate preliminary findings two repetitions were executed online. In the first of them he was counted with the aid of 158 customers. They were asked about the weather and on your mood during the meal. Again, there was a clear correlation between bad weather and negative reviews. In the third test, which was 107 participants, the same patterns were evident again.

The study does not describe the mechanism by which this happens. It is not fair to charge the entire blame on customers, bad weather could put a bad mood camaraderie service so that their attention to the clientele degrade and they had a suboptimal user experience to justify the negative reviews.

However, if you want to maintain a reputation online you, it does not hurt to remind diners that has been scientifically proven to work in bad weather is worse rate of business. When we are aware of the bias we can act more objectively.

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