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Study finds key why customers choose a restaurant


The mental process that each of us realize when choosing where to go to eat on a given occasion is different. We all have different values ​​against which we contrast the information we have available, and these data are also dependent on each individual.

Given the complexity of this issue, what priori It might seem simple, Is there any way to quantify the selection process? Are there sequences of thought that always take place regardless of who does the considerations?

Elise Musumano infographic published an article in which it was briefly illustrate the different factors leading to selection of a restaurant in front of a catering business competitor, and to what extent each of these points affects the overall process.

For the restorer, dispose of This information is crucial to have a competitive advantage over other businesses They are operating in the same niche and its geographical area of ​​influence.

The data presented below are based on a study with 2300 adult consumers from EE. THE. The research was performed by the statistical company and market research YouGov at the request of team SevenRooms and it performed during the last quarter of last year.

Among the most striking findings are the changes in how to find new places where you can enjoy a good meal. Consult family and friends is the option that continues to dominate the scene of the recommendations, however the percentage value that does is much lower than one would expect at first instance: a 54% of respondents would be directed first to acquaintances while a 30% aggregators would use existing reviews on the net and 25% by the restaurants promoted on television are interested.

Facebook It is in fourth place with 23% of participants who use the social network to find new catering business and from there a dizzying descent into inconsiderable percentage values ​​that affect responses related to other media and social networks starts.

Note that there is some overlap between the percentages since the respondents had the potion mark multiple options if they saw fit.

On the other hand, the social networks encourage consumption significantly if one takes into account that a 35% of respondents ate at a restaurant that has been announced or discussed in social networks, and a 20% Further still he has not done but intends to do so shortly.

The most likely to see as amended by social networking behavior group are millennials (when compared with baby boomers or other cohorts of older people). A) Yes, a young minor 39 old is twice as likely to order a particular dish when it transpires that an influence it has enjoyed in the past, and up to five times when it is talking to follow professional profiles related to gastronomy, catering and culinary arts.

Against popular belief, get a table at a restaurant where reservations are difficult to achieve due to the high volume of diners who demand a site is not well valued. Near 1150 Respondents reported the statesmen who feel frustrated by having to book a catering business with these features. What never fails, and in this case it is faithful to the intuition of anyone, It is that an exceptional service and a memorable experience above expectations is a great way to make a second visit. Just over half of respondents would return for the restaurant which gave them the quality service. Conversely, a 24% of the participants say that a bad experience would be an impediment to back the establishment.

Data from this fieldwork allow the landlord to know in detail what methodologies can be applied to get more customers stop by your local.

First ensure that the service is impeccable restoration business is crucial, because it is the main source of Loyalty Organic clientele. The volume of recurring business can be achieved only acting on the inner workings of the restaurant can become very significant.

further, if people who tasted menus are fully satisfied business, there will be a innate to share with friends and family the good time spent propensity on site. Sincere compliments can work wonders when people start to trust.

In addition to the above, Undoubtedly the importance of aggregators reviews como Google My Business, TripAdvisor, Yelp and the like. It is therefore crucial to maintain the reputation online the unpolluted Restaurant, encouraging “digital tips” and curing lovingly opinions in these pages are spilled on the operation of our local. Should always answer analyzes left by customers. If they are negative and some have to try to find solution. A professional behavior in adverse cases it is highly valued by the Internet. If the comment is false and intended to harm the business, should confront the situation in a respectful and showing the rest of potential readers that the circumstances were not as is being done to believe. If the deposit is positive comment, must be thanked.

further, is highly desirable that the habit of leaving spurred opinions on the net. This can be achieved by talking directly to diners before dismissing, by a reminder or through mobile applications that automate such processes message keeping friction to a minimum.

The presence in social networks is also extremely relevant, especially when our business is aimed at a young audience. It should be borne in mind that at present millennials are all adults with ability to consume. In 2019 minors are not members of this cohort of people, behind them comes the generation Z What is it, commercial and marketers effects, very similar.

Facebook is still the most popular social network and scope, one in which every business should have a profile, but many analysts suggest that Instagram it is the future. Currently this platform has one billion users and its growth rate far exceeds its competitors, so these predictions have all the earmarks of being accurate. that way, have a profile on Instagram and use it regularly is a recommendation to consider.

With these small changes in our mode of operation have the opportunity to bring about major changes in the volume of business that perceives our local. Everything is put to work.

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Article by the editorial team of DiegoCoquillat.com. It has professionals both in the field of hospitality, gastronomy and tourism, and new technologies and innovation.



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