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An experiment shows that restaurant employees are irreplaceable


Despite the tireless efforts of technology to replace employees restaurants, according to the latest experiment performed, it seems that at the moment this is not possible.

Let us place ourselves in the city of Amsterdam, specifically in the square Hugo de Grootplein, he restaurant in question is called Foodsy, apparently quite normal, but quickly we appreciate that there is a significant difference, no cooks, or waiters, nor any employee inside the restaurant, nobody serves customers.

The aim of this restaurant is that you have to do all the functions of employees of hospitality. Actually you rent the property for a few hours and you can experience the feeling of becoming a chef, a waiter, freganchín a bartender or cleaning the dishes in the kitchen. Apparently a distinctive and interesting idea.

In the restaurant you find everything you need to make simple dishes that do not require much experience, as soups and prepared heat or roast meat baked, with explanations through posters distributed throughout the property.

This new idea has been driven by Erwin Sander one chef who has worked on some of the best restaurants in the world as rent Y Arzak. In recent years he has initiated several projects and thought about creating a restaurant where there were no staff and also the dinner price was reduced by one-third than usual.

The initiative aroused great interest, receiving many emails from people wanting to book, especially Business They are seeking a different activity for your employees, performing the functions of a restaurant.

As well, all this “movie” it was a experiment promoted by the FNV Horeca, which it is the union of employees in the hospitality sector Holland, to show that the restaurant staff, day by day, It is absolutely imperative.

Apparently, is the way they have chosen to claim that for over two years negotiating an collective agreement which have not yet been able to sign. The last salary increase dates back to 2013, while sales in the hospitality industry have risen for eight consecutive quarters.

Industry tourism It is the worst paid sector in the Netherlands, The president of the FNV, I Francooy, “Many professionals who work with passion and pride in the hospitality industry feels frustrated because of what they are underpaid.”

Working in industry hostelry It is becoming less attractive due to the difficult working conditions, short-term contracts and low wages, and all this is causing many employees migrate to other sectors, reiterates the union.

Returning to the restaurant in question, the customer experience was terrible, a huge chaos generated, a they bother to others, the food was of poor quality, there were some fires at the kitchen, many plates and broken glasses, customers were not cleaned and even some left without paying.

In the following video you have recorded images hidden cameras scattered throughout the course restaurant that demonstrate the enormous chaos that was formed and ultimately the need for professional staff and trained for everything to work properly in a restaurant.

By this action the union wanted to draw attention to try to improve the working conditions of the employees of restaurants. We join the Claim this interesting initiative and hopefully I can also have an impact on other countries.

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  1. Article I was surprised to read the many problems regarding the conditions of employment and low wages that resemble, bridging gaps, with those occurring in Argentina.
    How important would that restaurateurs considered essential that staff identify with the company ( proud to be a part of it) to better perform their duties and provide better care every day to customers.
    Another aspect that can be seen here, is the lack of value that entrepreneurs or gerenciadores give training staff lounge and kitchen that would contribute to the development of a strong organizational culture.

    Thank you for always keep abreast of the latest innovations!

    • Karina thank you for your input, very interesting and I have to tell you that your description coincides with labor framework of the sector in Spain. If we want to improve quality and innovation and make the sector an engine of economic growth has time to give you the importance of the employment status of all employees in the sector.

  2. It's a real reality this case. Endorsed the report and also what subscribe, It is a strategy more , perhaps more conservative and traditional, more defensive than offensive bone , but sometimes as you say , will make more holes to the supporting belt, thus causing lack of oxygen and turn stagnant for lack of stimulus. This is closely related to the ability of self-criticism and complacency on austerity and lack of resources.

    further , not usually like this profile will become clear

  3. Pollan Ignacio Sevillano on

    Very good idea,
    You know if there is something similar in Spain?
    That emerged was a new Pop-Up-enabled sites for chefs and experienced cooks do their restaurant for a limited time, but this trend did not know.
    Regards Diego, and thanks for all the information you give.

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