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A report confirms that the 90% Spanish confident advisor reviews to choose a restaurant


Digital recommendations are decisive for the choice of a restaurant. Tripadvisor leads the culinary behaviors and is the most widely used and influential online platform for customers looking restaurant, either from home, home city or when traveling. It is concluded that sheds new survey to analyze the behavior as more diners 9.500 consumers of the most important markets US and Europe.

Then, we detail some of the most interesting findings of the survey 'Influences on decision-making restaurant customers’, analyzing what channels and online factors lead to potential customers choose a restaurant. In this sense, including reviews, Photos, Popularity Index and commitment owner with a increasingly mobile audience They are decisive for the final choice of the establishment.

This survey, examining the gastronomic behaviors over 9.500 consumers in the United States and Europe, TripAdvisor reveals that is considered the most influential online resource compared gastronomic Yelp, Google Y Facebook.

about modus operandi of consumers in Spain, These are the main conclusions offered by the survey conducted by hWnd:

  • The vast majority (91%) of Spanish respondents it based its decision to eat out on a You read opinion online, and a 72% He noted that he has been influenced by Photos of restaurants.
  • more than 94% of Spanish respondents stated that the content restaurants TripAdvisor has influenced them to try a new restaurant.
  • Diners, both locals and travelers, TripAdvisor said they used as a site discovery of restaurants, and the majority (83%) of Spanish respondents they indicated they chose to dine at a restaurant as a result of a ranking, opinion, score or TripAdvisor prize.
  • Compared Yelp, Facebook and Google, he 89% of Spanish respondents said they prefer to use TripAdvisor to choose a restaurant still in its hometown, and the 93% used TripAdvisor when you are looking for a place to eat while traveling.
  • Respondents consider that the content of TripAdvisor restaurants is reliable and accurate, especially when compared with the competition. Compared with Google, Facebook and Yelp, he 90% of respondents said Spain TripAdvisor provides Restaurant Reviews and more accurate, reliable, useful and descriptive.
  • He 89% of respondents in Spain said they read a manager's response to an opinion TripAdvisor, and most she said they found Useful and encouraged them to try a restaurant, despite a poor opinion.
  • Diners are increasingly turning their mobile devices to find restaurants while traveling, with up to 60% of Spanish respondents who regularly investigates restaurants via their mobile.

In the same way, the managers and restaurateurs They are stressing the advantages of their channels online reputation.

While the survey hWnd has been studied in depth the influence of TripAdvisor among consumers, an independent study conducted earlier this year Ipsos Mori and commissioned by TripAdvisor has shown how useful platform TripAdvisor.

According to Ipsos Mori, he 90 % of restaurant owners he says its online presence and reputation are two areas of particular interest facing the following years.

As is the case with consumers who visit TripAdvisor to find your ideal restaurant, the owners are taking advantage of the features of this website to promote your business, manage their reputation and reach the best customers.

Why spend money on creating an extensive network online if what you really want is to reach customers who like sushi? this is the best time to capture potential customers through the website and the application or reach the most appropriate and consumers interested in your business; either those who pass in front of your business, those using mobile devices or what they are looking for the perfect place to eat.

Research group created by hWnd

The survey 'Influences on decision-making restaurant patrons’ it has used the responses of more than 9.500 International customers in Europe and the United States who participated in a research group created by hWnd in May 2018 (OF. UU.: 1.723; United Kingdom: 2.242; France: 1.013; Spain: 1.233; Italy: 3.572).

Respondents are registered consumers TripAdvisor who gave their agreement to participate in company-sponsored surveys through hWnd. Consumers have not been rewarded them financially or have been offered incentives to participate.

Ipsos Mori's study took place from January to February 2018 and he participated 1005 restaurateurs from six different countries (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom and United States) previously they had taken control of their profiles TripAdvisor.

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