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A UK report warns of food security in delivery companies


There is no doubt that Deliveroo Y Uber Eats are two of the big companies home food delivery They are offering their services in major European cities, only advantaged by the oldest Just Eat.

Nevertheless, the affection they have earned among consumers could soon turn into suspicion and evasiveness as it has recently learned that standards of hygiene and sanitation of these two companies are not consistent with other members of the ecosystem composed of companies sharing food home. Did you derive these statistics in consumer dissatisfaction?

The consumers in London They have every right to feel that way after the results of a study promoted by the Food Standards Agency UK (FSA).

The problem does not originate in the deliverymen, or how they treat their load these two companies. No. The problem is at the root. 23 Londoners restaurants featured in mobile applications of these two companies have received a zero score on a five-point scale; that is to say, more than twenty local exhibit the lowest possible ratings.

Between the problems identified by the body during inspections that have taken place recently found:

  • A improper handling of food.
  • Lack of good hygienic measures between the template, including even the most basic, such as washing hands before beginning the cooking process.
  • Presence of animals considered pests, disease vectors and indicators of health conditions unbecoming of a high level of food safety.

To spread the news both companies have been forced to respond to inquiries from journalists or issue press releases to appease users.

A) Yes, Deliveroo, the most affected because collaborates with 22 of the restaurants listed on the blacklist, he hurried to indicate in a statement: “In the tiny number of cases in which restaurants we work with do not meet the high standards we expect both we, Deliveroo, as our users, support them to raise their standards cerciorándonos has access to advice from independent experts”.

Para Deliveroo, This news comes at the worst possible time because recently received 480 million from investors to boost its market presence in Europe.

UberEats It is in a more advantageous position. In addition to being hit with less intensity because of the plague of restaurants with low food security, the company has a protocol by which tries to avoid such problems and that is a clear sign of its concern for the welfare of its users. For a restaurant to appear in mobile applications Uber Eats, it must be achieved minimum score of two points on the ratings of FSA.

The restaurant needs a minimum rating to appear in the app

How they can then appear restaurants with a lower valuation to limit access? This has not yet been fully elucidated. The statement presented by the branch dedicated to the distribution of food delivery Uber allows intuit that These restaurants have been revised and lowered their score by the FSA after passing the screening set by the app.

In the same way, one can guess that Uber has no automatic way to detect whether the assessment of the food security of the establishment has changed, thus eliminating businesses that do not comply with the regulations depends entirely on someone informs them.

And of course, will not be the owners of the establishment, which in any case they would be affected negatively by disappear from the database software. Generally were some diner alarmed.

Nor they can be discarded more bizarre cases such as forgery by any restorer in order to benefit from the tool. Recall that for a business of this type, appear in UberEats can triple the volume of orders to carry, something not inconsiderable.

In any case what is clear, to the dismay of users Deliveroo and UberEats, It is at risk. If someone said to himself, "that is not so serious', allow the FSA disagrees: the grade of zero points is reserved for those premises where changes to improve hygiene and sanitation conditions are absolutely necessary, and further it urges that appropriate corrections are undertaken with the utmost urgency possible.

If any reader seems surreal survival of a business that food security is taken so lightly, taking into account the strict local regulations, national and even European to which businesses are under restoration; and considering also the, often uncomfortable but always necessary, inspections; all this has an explanation.

A thorny issue for the catering sector

Local English are not required to show the score achieved in evaluations of the FSA (or rather conspicuous, or anywhere, in fact). Customers enter blindly risking their welfare unless beforehand consult the website of the Food Standards Agency, where other businesses are listed along with the score received and the reasons why this has been what has been and no other.

Nowadays Deliveroo offers its services in the main capitals of Europe, while UberEats is available in more than 200 Locations only in this continent. The effects of news have not yet observed, but it is expected that both companies will afflict, or diminished trust of its users, or doubts that this issue awakens in investors.

For Deliveroo, who opened several points of preparation known as dark kitchens, there is always the relief that These own kitchens have the highest standards, Also according to the FSA itself.

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