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A report reveals that the elderly are the new source of human talent in fast food restaurants


Job search in USA. THE. It is not and it was three decades ago. Some parents feel frustrated when their children go looking for their first job and return, day after day, with empty hands.

It has changed the way we work. It has changed the way in which curricula are delivered. And it has changed the type of worker who are looking for when filling a post.

Just this point is the one that could eventually wipe a typical picture of the restaurants US fast food. UU.: youth employees in cash and hob, giving their all in their first job.

According to a report recently published by Bloomberg, the largest begin to displace the youngest in such posts of work. In fact, job offers are being placed on the bulletin boards of the centers for the elderly, as well as specialized applications and web aimed at the elderly, as the case may be the page of the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP).

But what is the phenomenon underlying this trend? Why in the 2019 young people in search of job opportunities seen as retirees account for the few jobs available?

The answer does not leave very good place to younger.

Far from being a ruse to offer lower wages to higher, the problem is that the elderly can do their jobs more effectively That the young. There are two main reasons for their job performance is superior. First no latecomers. Whether a meeting or time you start the daily tasks at the local, the millennials younger and workers generation Z They have serious problems with the timeliness. Not so with the greatest.

The other point is even more important if possible. Communications in the workspace must be made so that reduce situations of tension between workers, and between workers and manager. Younger no previous work experience that allows them to communicate ensuring these qualities and effectively. In consecuense, the number of frictions that come with co-workers is high. As opposed, those who have had a lifetime of experience working with other people know well how they speak to relationships in the workplace remain healthy and conversations arising effectively convey information to each of the involved needs.

The result of these shortcomings is that young people are being displaced, As was already mentioned. Although one might think that this is inherently negative, the truth is that everything is not black or white.

By hiring more people on the premises it is also fighting an epidemic that is plaguing the developed world: the abandonment of the elderly. Many of these older workers are happy to escape the tedium and daily boredom to which they are subjected. Retirement sounds good in principle, But it only a few months to realize that being unemployed does not have to be positive for the person. Y the extra money is not bad, Since the EE retirement. THE. It is done privately and through a contributory pension, so any help is welcome.

Fast food restaurants are placing value on human talent and work experience of older workers to do the time a coach or instructor. Younger mixing with those who have spent a lifetime working, the latter can teach newcomers how they have to behave, work ethic and what is expected of them. Thus they transmit values ​​of utmost importance that not only improve their performance in local restoration, but in any job to accessing future.

The transfer of skills between generations It helps reduce the number of issues arise when serving guests in box, It improves the way camaraderie service serves customers waiting at the tables, and puts the youngest in a good starting point for solving problems, One way or another, always they end up appearing in restaurants.

In exchange for these benefits, Fast food restaurants are just making up these older workers with minimum salary. Fortunately, the elderly are able to work part-time or part, dedicating only a few hours each day. Some, as the former professor Toni Vartanian-Heifner from 67 years, already planning to stay around five years at the fast food restaurant that has hired, They are deeply satisfied with having returned to the workforce.

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