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A restaurant in New York revolutionizes how eating spaghetti


New York is no longer uncommon to see people on the street and instead of taking the typical hot dog in hand, estén disfrutando de un cono de pasta al dente mientras caminan. This trend has been popularized by a restaurant in the Gran Avenida, of an Italian Emanuele Rimini called Attala, que exportó la costumbre de su pueblo natal a la absorbente cultura americana… y encontró el camino del éxito.

Comer pasta en movimiento

Attala told that the festivities of his people in Rimini, la gente comía los espaguetis en un cono como si de un helado se tratara. It mixed with pasta salad and that served as sustenance to visitors of musical festivals, promoted by the local council to attract tourists after the disaster of World War II, back in the fifties.

In the words of its owner, el cono It has the perfect geometric shape to eat pasta and not to stain thanks to its rounded shape. The main advantage, assures, is that replaces the typical package for which is often used to serve pasta and rice, he tupper de plástico desechable con el que cada cierto tiempo hay que parar la marcha para comer.

With cone dough Emanuele restaurant Attala, he Spaghetti Incident (as the 5th and last album of the legendary rock formation Guns 'N' Roses), uno puede pasear por Central Park sin detener la marcha para disfrutar de su comida. Y there is no better marketing for a restaurant that make customers que muestran como degustan sus productos.

The price of this cone ranges between six and twelve dollars as published the New York Times.

The secret (no) It is in pasta

Until now, the only way we knew was sitting eating spaghetti, on a plate or Tupperware and with a fork-and sometimes a spoon- for rolling dough. With the cone is different because its shape helps do the work that should play these covered, why es muy fácil enrollar los espaguetis con el tenedor apoyado en este recipiente con paredes redondeadas. further, the cone acts as a handle y es antiderrame.

The same chef who had the idea of ​​exporting the original invention to the hospitality industry, lo intentó también con gnocchi Y penne, But it does not work. Spaghetti pasta are paid to the “portability”, as before and they did the pizza or ice cream.

The secret of éxito también está en la idiosincrasia del pueblo americano, sobre todo en la idea del tiempo que se tiene en Nueva York, a precious and scarce commodity, that is pure gold.

Of course the chefs agree that a cone never imitate the texture, the aroma and flavor of good spaghetti served on a plate, pero en un crisol cultural como el neoyorkino y en una sociedad donde el tiempo vuela and you can not stand five minutes to eat, este producto tiene mucha salida. He will miss see when (and how) comes here.

Spanish restaurants that cater to the needs of its customers

Porque estas innovaciones no sólo suceden en la gran manzana, There are also some cases very close like this dos restaurantes Spaniards through change and innovation helped their businesses come out of the doldrums of the crisis.

The first is the case of restaurant “the Inkwell” In Malaga. Aquí no hay menú, son los camareros quien lo cantan a la sala como si fuera una subasta. pescaíto fried and other seafood spread en este chiringuito moderno sin carta.

The second is the case of restaurant "The piece Middle. This Valencian Local has reinvented its business model and they cook the dish you want with the ingredients that diners themselves lead. Por el reasonable price 4 euros, les puedes susurrar tus recetas para que te quede como tú lo haces en casa.

Other cases around the world

We can also leave our borders for other “innovative and disruptive ways”, as the Restaurant Ziferblat in Russia. It is a local business model pay per minute”, You pay for the time you're at the local. Food and drink are surprisingly free.

It pays for the time being; one hour out eight euros, two to fifteen, etc… La verdad es que lo que puede parecer un chollo para algunos, a otros no les parecerá para tanto, since scientific studies dictate that are fifteen minutes the stomach takes to give the signal to the brain to communicate is already satiated.

Another paradigmatic case is el holandés Bring your own, where you pay for the drinks and coffees are consumed, not for food, the need to bring your. Just take a seat and pay what you eat. Por supuesto que también hay cocina para quien no lleva vaginar, but at least you do not lose customers who go to the place with their own food.

Una vez vistos estos ejemplos parece claro que los restaurantes que reinventing its business model Y adapt your product and your service to the new needs of its customers, tendrán un diferencial competitivo que les permitirá afrontar con más solvencia los vaivenes de este complejo mercado que suponen las nuevas necesidades de los clientes de los restaurantes.

A restaurant in New York revolutionizes how eating spaghetti
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