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A Paris restaurant allows entry to dogs but not bankers


Alexandre Callet Own Richelieu's Stables, a gourmet restaurante in Rueil-Malmaison, less than 20 Km de París, where dogs are allowed entry but not bankers, unless they pay input 70.000 euros (Meal not included).

That is the price that has decided to Callet as a prerequisite for any banker who wants to enjoy his restaurant. The reasons that led to this thirtysomething to take such a decision striking, date back to 2008, when just 23 year old, Callet trying to get funding to open its first restaurant and again getting negative responses from restaurants.

Alexandre Callet is the owner of Les Ecuries de RichelieuLe Figaro

Despite these tough start, just two years later Alexandre Callet managed to bring his restaurant to the Michelin Guide and enjoy an unexpected success, at least for bankers who recently had been denied the opportunity to have a loan to start your business.

"The banker who wants to enter that place fours

Thanks to this brilliant start to his career in the hospitality industry, Callet cuantiosamente see how it expands its customer base allowing you to bring up your business. A few months ago, the Callet himself explained: "2015 was our best year in both turnover and profits". With these prospects, this young thirtysomething decides to launch into the pool with a second restaurant, and in November 2015 He had already found the perfect place and sent a request for bank financing 70.000 euros to launch this new challenge.

 Alexandre Callet managed to bring his restaurant to the Michelin Guide Richelieu Stables

according Alexandre: "Granting of credit should have been a mere formality, since my restaurant can ensure the money back within the terms established because we have a good profit margin ". But it was not like that, I only got negative responses from banks, up to eight, and some even he denied the loan without explanation.

Restaurante Gourmet Richelieu StablesRichelieu Stables

In Alex's own words French daily Le Figaro: "Restorers and entrepreneurs, we are all in the same situation. When we undertake and start a business, we have to get on all fours ... "and adds quite angry: "Today the bankers are not doing their job well, Y with this provocation what I intend to denounce the permanent sabotage which is subject to French economic fabric ".

"It's a simple matter of reciprocity"

quite annoying, Alexander has thrown in the towel by the time his second restaurant but at the entrance of the first, your customers can see a blackboard which clearly shows the prohibition of entry except the bankers paying a ticket worth 70.000 euros, just the amount denied a few months ago banks.

The host Alexandre Callet has stated that if by chance a banker agreed to pay entry, would donate the money among all employees. Here is a curious case in which a citizen has decided to take justice into their own and respond to bankers with their own medicine. In the end, for that is the right of admission.

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