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A Michelin three-star restaurant happens to sell stocks 395$ a food delivery menus for $ 39'95


Nick Kokonas It is well known in the Chicago dining scene (Illinois), it runs alongside the chef Grant Achatz the restaurant paragraph, three Michelin stars. Nevertheless, during the crisis of the coronavirus, many will remember as a hero in the reinvention of a fancy restaurant.

The pandemic has caused a mandatory quarantine is declared in a number of countries of the world. OF. THE. although reticent, It is giving way to measure state to state. The first victims of the Self Enclosure and cessation of economic activity have been restaurants. Professionals in this sector and put their beards to soak when they saw their Italian and Spanish neighbors drench.

Despite the extra time they had to come up with countermeasures to the chaos that came, few were the solutions reached. Some restaurant chains such as Danny Meyer's Union Square Hospitality Group, They have had to reorganize their squad with great sacrifices: 2000 people have lost their jobs. It's more, the chain owner has given up his salary to avoid layoffs in the maximum degree possible, but it has been, sadly, in vain.

A staff cuts also joined the charitable options, such as microfinance community campaigns that several local restaurants EE. THE. They have tried with varying success.

The third option, probably the most complex, is roll up their sleeves and get to work to try keep turnover to the maximum in these difficult times.

And that's where it comes back into play Nick Kokonas, with your application Tock to Go.

This new system was designed for restaurants that offer unique experiences, high level gastronomy, multi-course menus and similar experiences of living could make full use of options food home delivery or pick-up location.

A week before order be given to restaurants to operate behind closed doors or close down until further notice, Kokonas already working with his team to stay ahead of the triple catastrophe and bring the experience Michelin star of the Aligns to the homes of fellow citizens quarantined. Nevertheless, when the underlying concept was ready realized that this situation called high-mindedness, and so they decided to Go Tock was available to all the restaurants so requested.

In this twit, Kokona says bring food home was something I never thought could happen in Alinea, remember that 3 Michelin star, the name of the service was baptized as Aligns To Go:

The new tool is an updated version of Tock, a app Kokonas phone that launched in 2014 so that restaurants could sell or gift cards redeemable tiques of purchase for a meal, a methodology that eliminated unassisted reserves and quantitatively improving the functioning of local partners.

The 20 members of the design team achieved Tock, in record time, implement a tool that allows traditional restaurants offer menus in real time, manage communication with the client to arrange a collection point or delivery, and view maps to navigate easily during the cast.

Thus Restaurants and made use of the application Tock have been blessed with a new utility that rejects the need to hire other platforms for sharing home food, each with its terms and conditions of service, Rates and limitations.

The interest of the owners of the restaurants has been such that more than 250 Business joined the initiative on the first day of operation Of the same. Rose’s at Home, Addo, Nonesuch, Publican, Canlis and other local recognized US. THE. They were among the first to have Tock their efforts to Go to home delivery food complex dishes.

However, the system does not work without limitations. And with the time constraints assumed, Some restaurants have not been able to adapt their dishes to the mobility market. So that, Nick Kokonas himself has come to the aid of the stragglers, offering some very important advice:

1.- Simplify the menu,

2.- Fixed prices for established menus

3.- Change the menu every few days

4.- Only dishes that work for home delivery

A) Yes, Alinea's molecular cuisine gave way from its gastronomic menu to 395$ per diner to more traditional dishes, but equally luxurious and priced at $ 39.95, such as the Beef Wellington, mashed potatoes and butter creme brulee. Others followed the example marked. It is the case restaurant Canlis who sacrificed the elegance that characterizes his dining room by a roasted coast accompanied by salad, braised potatoes, a focaccia Unleavened with mascarpone cheese and fresh blueberries mounted and pears poached. Each tries restaurant keep your identity The best way possible, at the same time as debate minimize the sacrifice on the quality offered as much as possible.

The system is working very well for some businesses. Aligns have sold in kits to mix cocktails margarita worth 5600$; and Canlis is making box with luxury orders for distribution, in just one hour they billed the equivalent of one week, which is partly explained by the early adoption of Tock to Go.

These are difficult times for restaurants, but that does not mean you have to give up. Ingenuity right now can save our future.

We don't want to end this article if the most important part, customer testimonials to this new restaurant service, here we leave you some of them, but they seem to be delighted:

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