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The slap 'viral’ a restaurant to a 'supposed influencer’


Barcelona topic Restaurant He did not hesitate when respond to an 'influencer alleged’ so strong. And it has publicly made through its twitter account to show the ways of a young woman 27 business years that sent a message in which He asked openly and without subterfuge food or drink for free or a discount for consumption on the premises.

And worst of all. He did it not only for herself but also for her group of friends that said travel! In theory, in exchange for positive feedback about your local. What, according to the opinion expressed by the restaurant in different media, It is becoming a bad practice.

This restaurant specializes in Mediterranean cuisine with a Japanese touch has made their complaint is made with 6,2K likes viral, 3,7K shared and more 250 comments.

further, It has generated on net intense debate on the influencers, whether or not to do marketing campaigns through this figure, the potential impact, fraudulent practices in this area, etc.

I share here a selection of the most interesting comments on the contentious issue:

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