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A restaurant doubled its sales to refuse entry to children under 5 years


glimmers, table for the, Italian food 'al dente'And ... a child crying and asking their parents to entertain Ipad in a restaurant where they can not get up and play during the wait. He restaurant Caruso’s and Mooresville (North Carolina) it is clear: They do not want to under 5 years sitting at their tables and it will from now. They have retired from their letters the children's menu and They have focused their attention on an adult audience, that which was initially focused its distinguished restaurant.

The controversial discussion It takes time on social networks, but he has had a strong push because of the explicit prohibition by this Italian restaurant in your area known for its elegant character. The most surprising is that This decision has not been more successful. As stated by the manager of the local, Yoshi Nunez en NY Daily News, following the ban on its ratio of diners a day He has gone from 60 people to be among 80 Y 100, an increase of about 50% from clients.

The measure of this restaurant has caused divided opinions

He says the restaurant itself on its website, to go to Caruso’s it requires “Proper attire to eat in their traditional, elegant and intimate restaurant”, and since January policy adds "no children", which it has undoubtedly led to a increase in customers looking for a quieter experience.

Once the decision, the restaurant Pasquale Caruso, owner the is Caruso’s and Mooresville (North Carolina), they have rained both criticism and praise. Criticism came mostly from parents, but the funny thing is that the blandishments come from a heterogeneous group.

Among them is the case of Lucy Ortega Babies and more, mother of a girl 2 years and not at all against the decision. The general complaint is not so much the natural behavior of children but, as Ortega says, "When adults do not tell them anything, because a child does not have to know how to behave, but an adult yes ".

To make the decision to adopt this measure, Restaurant Directive heard during successive months complaints from several of his regular customers, they expected something more than your local, which in recent times he had received increasing public child visits. And is that, as they defend from the restaurant, like your best customers because everyone is impossible.

A measure thinking own restaurant customers

According Vice Munchies, there are who propose even increase the ban until the 10 years. "When my husband and I went out to dinner, we do not want to keep hearing children crying or misbehaving ", decía Nancy Shroudy, housewife, to Vice.

Nunez, father of two children meanwhile, It argues that the policy of the restaurant is not at all anti-children, as it has been criticized from different sectors. The store manager explained in Fox News Insider what "When you spend a significant amount of money on dinner with wine bottle, should be a time for adults ".

The truth is that the Caruso’s It is not the first restaurant to impose this policy and he had already spoken on this topic social networks, but what they have done is put this controversial issue on the table. Y, seen the seen, probably be many more who will veto the smallest of the tables of the restaurants.

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