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A restaurant invites guests every time someone dismisses Trump


American restaurants and bars are unique when it comes to inventing excuses days of celebration or to make a special cup. every month, in the calendars with marketing activities for restaurants we publish, the vast majority of ideas come from the United States but the last promotion that has come to our ears, it is certainly the most gamberra of which we have discovered in recent months.

Because from now, whenever the President Donald Trump fire an officer of his government, the restaurant The Bird will make a happy hour with beers, drinks and wines at a reduced price, as we read this last week in the online medium washingtonian.com.

This measure was put into effect permanently following the departure of controversial adviser Steve Bannon White House, but it had its beginnings when Trump "loaded" Anthony Scaramucci, who he was fired when only wore 10 days as communications director.

Happy Hour when Trump "loaded" to someone on your team

After this sounded scandal, The Bird they felt inspired to invent a new cocktail called “the Mooch”, in honor of Dripping collaborators and advisers of the President which it occurs in an almost daily basis.

A restaurant worker named Stephan Antoniewicz, It was the one who had the idea to tell your manager that staff turnover at the White House is so common that "is not a trickle, It's like when it pours ", so when there is "political storm" in the Oval Office, The Bird everyone is invited to a Mooch, or whatever you want.

Whether the recent dismissal of Steve Bannon, Bird will devise a new specific cocktail, the official response has been that: "not for the moment, but we could do based on one of the brands Absenta we have in our local, the so-called 'Dead before dawn' that would perfect ", According to statements by the management of The Bird.


The Bird: an action worthy of analyzing marketing

Definitely, This is a good example of the attitude of "laugh for not mourn" that keep many Americans before the resignation of being led by a president like Trump. Decide to take advantage of at least in the form of a funny promotion for restaurant. The truth is that it is not funny but dramatic as the situation you're talking about major policy decisions in one of the most influential countries in the world.

In any case, It is a great example of how we can revitalize the life of our business with fun promotions to help us get new clients and generate more revenue.

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