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A Muslim restaurant revives the spirit of Christmas in London


At Christmas we are accustomed to witnessing various altruistic gestures towards claiming this, as an era of peace and conviviality. But who has brought the palm this year definitely, has been Turkish Restaurant Shish Restaurant, one Sidcup, London.

This restaurant run by Muslims has launched an initiative launched by which will provide free food for homeless y los ancianos el día de Navidad. "At Christmas no one eats only", says the slogan devised to move forward with this promotion. An offer that initially was not thought to have much success.

solidarity poster

At first, a poster drawn by hand on the door of the premises indicated: "He 25 December we are here to sit with you ", offering nothing less than three course meal based soup and cacik (raita) as starters, pollo of them, vegetarian casserole and rice pudding dessert.

Social Networks promoted this initiative and made viral

They were the residents themselves who Sidcup realizing the cartel, They began to upload photos and comments on Twitter and Facebook. Definitely, Serdar Kiğılı, The restaurant owner he had managed to touch the heartstrings of the public.

Immediately users began to demand the mass media to give coverage to such a beautiful initiative. When the owners of Shish Restaurant realized the impact it had reached its solidarity action for Christmas, They improved the cartel, but mantiendo the same inclusive and solidarity message.

"Just a little help people in need" Hasan Masud has said, Restaurant employee. Meanwhile, one of the directors of the same, Irfan Can Genc told CNN that "This is not a question of religion, the language culture, but of values ​​and community ".

Thanks to the impact of messages that restaurant customers and neighbors have been putting in social networks, the most important media in the UK and Daily Mail O The Telegraph They have echoed the news.

This joint action has served as a catalyst for other businesses and associations join this current bounty with the needy. More of 25 residentes de la zona se ofrecieron para trabajar voluntariamente y gratis Christmas Day and so help them get ahead service. Taxi drivers meanwhile, throughout the day on 25 They offered free transportation to all elderly and homeless who wanted to visit the restaurant.



The true spirit of Christmas

By last, There have been many users of Twitter and Facebook throughout the site, the country and even abroad who have indicated their intention to visit the restaurant for lunch or dinner, and thus help offset the stress of the day 25 so that no elderly or homeless person eat alone.

A nice story restaurant, solidarity, social networking and especially, good people.

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