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A restaurant offers “Instagram kits” to become the king of #foodporn


A new player has entered the league directly to greats #foodporn, that of course, It is being played now, every second and every restaurant. All those pictures of our foodies ones that get flooded Instagram have a new ally on the road.

The fact is that the London restaurant Dirty Bones has started to deliver what would be the “Kit especial del foodie-instagramer” free for diners develop their creativity with the best material and the best of circumstances; Besides, They are serving menus, They help this.

In an era of absolute obsession with social networks, especially Instagram, the relationship between smartphones and restaurants form an almost obligatory combination. Contrary to be aware of other social networks that require much more attention, Instagram is photographing food in an easy way, quickly and creatively.

Such everyday for many before you start eating immediately: He "Not yet start, a second that make photo!” It is conceived as a much more sympathetic mania: It's like a reverence for food, a delight that then often give rise to lively conversations, something that always It is positive for both diners to restaurants.

The Dirty Bones wants to be the restaurant #foodporn

As the world moves, the name of a restaurant is associated to #foodporn #hashtag are very serious words. Why the staff at this restaurant chain Soho, and it is inspired by the city of New York, He has begun to make things easy for its customers so that anyone can Instagram triumph in the last “fotaza” some impressive dish.

Dirty Bones diners can benefit from the full special "foodie-instagramer Kit" consisting of: LED light, a portable charger, a special lens and a tripod with selfie stick included, as we saw in the British average www.stylist.com, which it was based on some reports Evening Standard.

further, the menu is full of proposals that help satisfy the craving of addicts Incredibly spectacular photos of dishes on Instagram and other social networks.

The house specialty is the innovative cocktails, in addition to fried chicken, waffles with maple syrup and all kinds of greasy delicacies or “desserts where the devil lives”, but they are a real delight. A particularly striking is the fame that has been built around one of his sweet options, he Banana Toblerone-Tella Waffles with caramelized bananas, chocolate with nuts, peanut butter ice cream and chopped nuts.

The idea has filled the restaurant for foodies

The decision to distribute these kits has attracted a large crowd of foodies, Successful applicants instagramer, photography lovers, etc. which of course diners have become. On the other hand, Dirty Bones people see this move as a great opportunity It is them is helping a lot to bring up their menus, which sometimes they are quite innovative.

Ladies who (dirty) lunch 💯💯💯 @carablack89 & @silkfred showing us how it’s done.

A shared publication of Dirty Bones (@dirtyboneslondon) he

"This creates us great confidence when proposing to continue fighting for new cocktails, creative dishes or desserts, besides being delicious, They are visually appealing. We want to help all those foodies to get the perfect shot"Sources said the restaurant itself.

What is clear, It is that having a large number of photos on Instagram where your restaurant is touted by some leading customers with #hastag as is the #foodporn, he is generating the Dirty Bones great importance is taking the opportunity to get new customers and a lot of media notoriety.

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