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A restaurant uses virtual reality to hire and train employees


Honeygrow It is a chain of fast food restaurants but landlady It has started using virtual reality to recruit new employees. This company has several locations both in the city of Philadelphia and other western states like Pennsylvania US, New Jersey, New York and Delaware.

This restaurant in a good place to sample salads and fried fritters, although in recent weeks he has risen to fame not for his home cooking, but an innovative way use virtual reality in its expansion.

As the company plans to open restaurants in at least 25 new locations by the end of the year, He has had to come up with a system that allows you to perform a process of selection and training for a large number of candidates in a very agile way.

The first process of recruitment in a restaurant by virtual reality glasses

Honeygrow going to have to recruit and teach many new employees in the coming months, and the only way I have found that this is feasible, has been digitalizing process to 100%. Such recruitment and training to perform the restaurant chain will take place through a virtual reality model that will produce a real training experience and the same time in all branches.

"It's the best way to see how anything is done. As if you saw with your own eyes, as if you were doing you. We have chosen this method because we think it is the best way to teach everyone in a close and personal from the first day ". These were the words that we read about from Justin Rosenberg, Honeygrow founder of the Washington Post.

"We are teaching how to cook noodles from, how to fry vegetables or how to make a perfect salad to notions of food security, "added Rosenber. According to the same founder, the idea of ​​using VR goggles has also helped from the standpoint of fun, Besides, holds the attention of new employees because being immersed in such an innovative experience like this also eliminates distractions.

As a curiosity, add that before starting each session, applicants can enjoy a video in which Rosenberg himself greets them and welcomes the company.

It is the first step in the digital transformation of this chain of restaurants

Honeygrow He has been using the technology in its restaurants long through digital kiosks custom orders.

Its founder has stated repeatedly that they do not want "to be a fast food chain more, as Chipotle and another hundred there. Especially in Washington, There is a lot of competition from fast food casual, but no one is using technology as we, for make the experience of our customers easier, fun and enjoyable. now also, We have taken that digitizing the choice of our workers, and we look forward to equally good results "sentenced.

This is a good example of how a restaurant, or in this case, a chain can beat their competitors and open a digital divide that positions him closer to consumer tastes, which is a great competitive advantage. In this case, instead of approaching customers, it has workers, an equal piece of vital for the smooth running of business.

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