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An autonomous robot will distribute food at universities in Europe and USA.


He ultimate robot delivery Company based in Mountain View (California, OF. UU.), Starship Technologies, is a small compact module equipped six sturdy wheels, three on each side, white rounded and black plastic housing.

The top is a semitransparent cap is surmounted by a sympathetic pennant which acts as antenna. When unfolded gives way to a space, more volume than might appear at first, where food is transported.

Is a absolute unity, able to walk the streets of cities or the most intricate corridors, while aesthetics and functionality aside. It is not surprising, the autonomous robot has two great figures of the technology behind. The same who were responsible for founding Skype years has.

Janus Friis y Ahti Heinla They are the cofounders of Starship. The company was established in 2014 to provide solutions to the demands of an increasingly demanding market. Since then, at its California headquarters there have been models and versions of robots designed to energize the scene of home delivery of food and catering services.

Advances Friis, Heinla and his team of researchers, engineers and other professionals have achieved have not gone unnoticed. Serve as an example two established trade relations that have caused more commotion:

  • The famous specialized in managing online restaurant reservations company Wolt, which also takes care of delivering orders to customers who rely on the services provided by the app, use from 2016 Starship robots in the city of Tallinn. The people of the Estonian capital can taste delicious restaurant menus Umami, one of the institutions most valued by local, without leaving the comfort of your home. Of course, It's not the only one.
  • Franchise Domino's Pizza It operates from summer 2017 with these robots in selected cities in addition to other methods of distribution, including vehicles like cars are counted, electric bicycles and scooters. The idea of ​​hosting these little robots of the approach Don Meij, executive director of the chain: “With our growth plans within five to ten years, just we do not have enough drivers for the deal if we do not look the way add to our fleet initiatives like this“. Hamburg has been one of the selected cities.

The International Federation of Robotics (IFR) expects about 2019 there 175.000 robots providing services in business. Starship is pushing to make it so. In addition to the foregoing proposals, technological group has filed a colaboration with by Dash Y Postmates, two emerging companies in managing online bookings for restaurants and cast house, aims to respond to the 17 millions of dollars which it has received during the last year of development fund granted by Daimler (owns Mercedes-Benz).

Own creators propose the autonomous small and compact robot as a perfect alternative to home delivery drone. A gibe aimed directly at Amazon, one of the main players who have opted for air transport rather than by land. In any case, Starship is not without competitors, and the scariest of them all is the subsidiary of Alphabet, Google.

What is special about the robot Starship sharing is its simple operation. The LIDAR sensors with the new models are equipped allow the rolling robot navigate without bumping into obstacles or cause accidents.

An autonomous robot to move smoothly through the city

This is an important issue because it must guaranteed at all times the safety of pedestrians and other road users (if this is invaded at some point) to obtain transit permits municipalities that issue or those responsible for circulation in the city, totally indispensable from a legal point of view, even in a highly litigious society such as the US.

To the eyes’ must be added the electric battery and charging system that gives the robot all the necessary autonomy to cross an entire city if necessary. At the moment, the electric resupply is done in the centers parking specially-designed, but the inclusion of solar panels in the design certainly seems a possibility.

Speed ​​delivery robot is not very high. Passes to a comparable speed with the passage of people walking, 6 kilometers per hour. The speed of service is achieved by employing a large number of robots. For example, fleet that is responsible for catering services currently exceeds thousand units.

And this number will continue to increase now that it has officially announced that Starship begin delivering meals prepared, drinks, parcels and other items in various US campus. and Europe.

Various benefits for college

Students will benefit power Choose your favorite dishes from a wide selection of restaurants in the area. further, waiting times will be minimized and students can spend their time as suits them.

All they need is the Starship mobile app. from it, You can select products for your order and confirm delivery details.

At the moment, It has not been officially issued a list of universities where these services are available, but it is logical to think that these are carried out in the vicinity of the international offices that the company has opened, namely: London, Redwood City, Washington and Hamburg.

While we hope in some of the Spanish campus (Madrid and Barcelona are good candidates), we are left with the words of the CEO of Starship: “We are now confident that we have robots that are suitable and useful for work. Customer satisfaction is high, service quality is correct, robots works well. […] It is a very exciting mission to change our moment how things move in the world”. Certainly is.

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