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A visual trick applied to the calorie labeling could be the greatest antidote to the epidemic of obesity


A few years ago the famous youtuber e influence US. UU., CaseyNeistat, He pulled into the fray a video criticizing the food containers had no real calorie information, I made that cried to heaven in a country where rampant obesity campaign qualifies as the epidemic of the XXI century.

Although the video in question became viral on YouTube and other platforms soon, the reality is that it has had little depth, since a report a few months ago has revealed that efforts Affordable Care Act, the package of laws intended to protect Americans from excess calories consumed in their daily meals, It is not having the effect it should.

The reality is that the vast majority of US citizens. THE. They do not care in the least when it comes to choosing their favorite food products. Y, Of course, these products by showing special predilection are not fruits, vegetables, vegetables and other ingredients of the field. No. We talk about ultraprocesados ​​food as filled cereals added sugar, bakery products with saturated fats and other unhealthy food is available in markets great nation at a price of joke.

Fortunately, All this could be history in a short period of time.

According to the findings of a research team composed of Steven Dallas New York University, Peggy Liu of University of Pittsburgh and Peter Ubel of Duke University, it has been found that a design change in the calorie labeling could help in the fight against obesity currently being waged in the West.

The idea is simple: and calorie information It appears to the left of the product name, It is critically is received by the human brain and therefore generates a stimulus that motivates the change in consumer behavior consumer.

In the study conducted by the multidisciplinary team of scientists responses generated by different types they were measured labeled caloric with 150 participants of different demographics.

The test was simple: one group received no calorie labeling products, another group was given items with the labeling right and a last group of articles arranged with labeling on the left. The first two groups were identical in behavior, showing that the current labeling does not work.

However, What was surprising was the result obtained in the group had items with calorie labeling on the left. A 24.4 percent of the participants in this group opted for a lower caloric intake.

Later this pioneering study that could transform the labeling of foods as we know it has now been confirmed by another independent analysis. Far from refuting this strange behavior, a survey online made with 300 Internet reaffirmed the conclusions of the original study.

So ... Why a final test 250 Hebrew was negative? Good, The reason is that the absolute position is not relevant, Success depends on the relative position on the reading order.

The human mind is imperfect, and have one tendency to interpret as most important that you see in the first instance; hence the popular saying: the first impression is the most important. In the case of the Hebrews, they read from right to left, labeling right itself that had a measurable effect, and similar to other investigations entity.

The private sector, as well as state and local governments EE. UU., already they have been interested in the novelty. For now planned further studies with larger volumes of participants. If no doubt, expected to encourage changes in the labeling of packages to help the US population lead a healthier diet.

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