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A youtuber sells precooked dishes of the supermarket through a virtual restaurant in Deliveroo


Home delivery food is a market segment more or less recent appearance in the restaurant industry. While it is true that some niches have had this service last you decades (for example pizzerias), the reality is that your enrobustecimiento began with the boom of digital telecommunication technologies and changing consumer habits of customers, led largely by new consumer needs millennials.

Since it is a still young market, It is subject to change and lacking regulations. One of the latest developments that have appeared among the services provided by companies home delivery of food has revealed a possible gap in food security firms.

We talk about the virtual restaurants, sometimes also known as ghost restaurants. These restaurants do not physically exist, but They are only an interface in apps mobile companies delivery food delivery. Virtual restaurants have products outside restaurants or shared kitchens to offer their service, This way your catalog can have endless choices without affecting the logistics business.

Deliveroo, Just Eat, Glovo Y Uber Eats They are already using these solutions for expediting transactions in their applications. Thanks to the system can promote the sale of items that would otherwise have no outlet on the market.

But everything indicates that these companies have overlooked some security issues. Especially blatant is the case became known in the media a few months ago and it affects Deliveroo operations in UK.

The story begins with a young man named Josh Pieters. Josh is one of those kids who has managed his small Taifa on YouTube. Currently the youtuber It has over one million followers, milestone achieved jokes spending uploading videos or telling interesting stories for young audiences.

He 7 September 2019, Pieters up a video entitled I sold meals heated in the microwave in Deliveroo. Today is one of its most popular productions, skimming 4 million views.

In the video, Josh says mockingly delivers every night dinner Deliveroo 45 000 compatriots, while another million have to be content with precooked heated in the microwave. Banal comment that an idea arose: trying to sell precooked supermarket through home delivery company famous food.

Pieters, as determined entrepreneur who is, They put the workers to work. The first thing I had to get it is to be accepted in the application. He did not lose a single second to start legal procedures for opening a formal restaurant, and immediately he devoted his energies to mount a web page layout that seemed professional enough to pass the sieve.

Deliveroo then he requested some additional information for your system: address, Property name, health report ... This last point needed some social engineering. During telephone conversations with agents Deliveroo, Josh and company were still encountering this obstacle. Until one day his interlocutor informed him that I could start business as long as notifies to the city council to emit the report. This space is in limbo Josh and his friends would use to record your video serving precooked microwaved through Deliveroo.

Thus was born The Italian Stallion, founded in the house of the youtuber and the exquisite dishes served as a plate of pasta with spicy prawns newly purchased in the grocery store nearest.

The intention of the content creator was neither present nor Deliveroo practices duping consumers, he just wanted to put on a show. When Josh published discounts of 40% in your virtual restaurant, orders online They began to flow. This was something unexpected for them, but more than they met; They sent the order through Deliveroo, together with an explanatory note and return of the amount paid by the customer, all with the lack of home delivery company, which one would hear the matter days later, when the media echoed in history.

Although the business model worked and Josh customers were satisfied with the taste of food, the young man influence he preferred to continue his career on YouTube. Since then its popularity has only increased, his latest video I deceived the world with the assistance of a false Ed Sheeran a battle between KSI and Logan Paul He has broken all records for hearing, arriving to 7.7 millions of people. Maybe it's a good time to make a sequel to The Italian Stallion?

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