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An app that pays you for queuing at restaurants


Piensalo well, You go down the street, doblas the corner and you meet a lot of people waiting, doing cola in a restaurant you've seen for the first time. The logical mechanism will lead us to think that this is a new business, it works very successfully because he likes everyone.

Until now, This could help us to find out whether a restaurant is worth or not. It's what has always been said: "If there are people, Is it because it's good ". But as we read last week in the Washington Post and after the latest news that it has come to restaurants regarding tails, we can conclude that this statement has lost its meaning.

Receive money for making "false tail" in a restaurant

Because right now there is an application where you can get money by staying planted queuing at an establishment. Those times when a crowd of people was equivalent to a mass created naturally by individuals left behind. Now who knows if you are looking Pokémons or, maybe, engaged in queues in restaurants to give the impression of being highly sought establishments.

Surkus is a new app which allows a restaurant to get people to meet the characteristics of your target audience to appear as if a few extras to set it were. Using an algorithm that selects each person according to their age, Location, style and Facebook, Now anyone can give an impression of successful restaurant and plenty clientele.

Meanwhile, actors They play their role to perfection, with a "percentage of reputation" that varies customers get to the restaurant with their presence in the tail. This percentage will influence the next time you wish to be called for what has become known as “crowdcasting”.

Welcome to the era of crowdcasting

The strategy raises the application Surkus inevitably evokes some doubts about the advertising and promotion. Nevertheless, fits perfectly with the style of today's society, specializing in refined and posturear to provide an image in different social networks and improved over reality.

Faced with this new panorama, there are two new and complex questions that should stop a moment to reflect: Is Surkus a formidable tool that allows companies to do the same individual users, that is to say, hire people and turn them into advertising making almost imperceptible reality? Or perhaps you have found marketing professionals a tool capable of providing a link between brands and potential customers, in a structured way and mutually beneficial?

The answer, It depends on who ask the question

Stephen George, CEO of Surkus 30 year old, He said he considers its application very similar to those that connect to partners of people who want to meet and start a relationship of some kind, but in this case, one of the two agents is not human, It's a company. If they succeed, George is convinced that will change forever the role of promoters and PR firms They have been playing so far in corporate advertising and branding.

"Companies have clear who your target audience, but often they do not know how to connect with them. Employ promoters, vendors and PR agencies to do so, but it is a unilateral interaction and can not see firsthand if that advertising is being done correctly, "says the creator of Surkus.

But not everyone is convinced that a solution may involve Surkus real problem. This is the case of Professor Kerry O’ Grady, public relations specialist at the School of Professional Studies at the University of New York, who doubt the effectiveness of a system based on the performance of a group of people who just want to get paid for the party and have no attachment to the brand system.

On the other hand, the company maintains its motto: "will, have fun and pay you. "Since its launch should occur, Two years ago, its founding members have sent “extras” To over 4.200 events for almost 1.000 customers. Big trademark, hospitality chains, concert halls, castings movie or even ordinary people who want a private party acclimate ".

How does this application to create queues at restaurants?

Users ranging from Surkus you can pay them what they want from 5$ Y 100$, with an average payment of between 25$ and $ 40, "says executive director Stephen George, what for each event it takes a percentage customer payment.

Once an event has been scheduled, Surkus algorithm sorts the profiles of users using search criteria desired by the customer. When potential participants have been identified from profiles that have in Surkus, the application sends “availability requests” their phones and whether they accept, and perform the work, receive payment 24 hours through PayPal.

In any case, The idea behind this application is designed poses a heated debate about public relations, a discipline that has always been based on transparency. Is Surkus enabling brands to create false events that manipulate consumers?

The restaurants were not the only ones to subscribe to Surkus as a film company recently used the app to find 750 people who filled a theater in Los Angeles and one in New York, in order to see how the reactions varied from one city to another. Another company won several extras casting for some sequences for film and television.

What is clear is that now, restaurants and companies have developed a new weapon to promote their establishments and public relations. We look forward to its evolution, especially in the world of hospitality.

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