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A restaurant chain hired a chicken as community manager


Social networks are full of stories and curiosities to promote, from formulas that use humor to viral looking to get that through provocation verging on bad taste. But what we have seen all? Not until now, because here I discovered the first twitterers world Hen.

Her name is Betty and, Surprising as it may seem, Since October 2015 is the community manager Australian chain fast food Chicken Treat, specialized, As its name indicates, fried chicken.

It is true that behind a human who has monitored its activity and press submit to finish the job but no longer hen the author's own texts with miles retweets, bookmarks and comments, even though their messages are totally unintelligible. And if the hallmark of Betty has not been too clear in their tweets, caregiver adds the hashtag #ChickenTweet so that there is no any doubt about it.

Treat Chicken chain account template with a curious working: Betty, hen the first twitterers

The debut of Betty has caused furor, While the chain decided to learn more about the history and origin of the bird with this comic biographical video.

The challenge facing Betty not add and add followers, which it is not bad, if not enter the Guinness World Records. If he would form a meaningful word in English of at least five characters in one of his tweets, although so far the only record that has broken has been visiting.

Twitter profile in the fast-food chain already it has more than 35.000 followers currently. And that seems that Betty has decided to deviate one season the keyboard -who knows if overwhelmed by fame that suddenly stops, since it takes no tweeting a single letter from the 19 November last year. What has been done while you sign up for events like the Super Bowl, the Open of Australia or the Golden Globes.

This curious promotion strategy has left them without a hitch those responsible for Chicken Treat, although as in all these cases, They have also left their detractors. Not to forget the restaurant offers fried chicken, so there is much talk of the possibility that the chicken could end up being featured in a dish restaurant. Animal rights activists have demanded fair treatment for Betty and enough free time so you can rest in your chicken coop between training and implementation.

Fast food chains, the most original

Fast food chains are experts in original and different formulas of what we are used to seeing in social media and if one stands out above the rest, that is Burger King. According to a study, It is one of the brands with the highest percentage of engagement on Facebook campaigns such as that carried out by an application offering a gift certificate a hamburger in exchange for eliminating friends Profile, something that did not like too much and ended up closing the Facebook app.

“Burger King is one of the most successful brands in social networks, original and eye-catching campaigns”

But, definitely, the most talked was called Whopper Sellout. Only fatal fans. With her They are given a choice between remaining fan page or eating a burger competition. Nail 30.000 people opted for the Big Mac and were "banished for all eternity" of the fanpage but, even so, Burger King achieved success with this initiative, since he not only viral but, Besides, Optimized to maximize their target audience.

Contests reign in social networks

In addition to the fast food chains, More and more brands choose originality and, especially, by giveaways. This is the case particularly "Finding Wally" Heineken. The world famous beer company used the US Open 2014 to create a contest via Instagram under the name Crack the US Open, in which users had to follow the instructions given brand to find a person in a mosaic of 200 photographs that simulated a step to full. The first person to comment on the required image with keyword entries for the final Grand Slam tournament was taking.

Solidarity also made viral on social networks

This line also will campaign as the ice bucket challenge or #GiveThem20, of which we spoke in this newspaper. both campaigns are not focused on selling a product, but the solidarity fundraising which they have signed many brands related to food market.

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