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A sports restaurant chain becomes one of the fashion business in New York


Dig Inn is a restaurant chain fast and organic food in Manhattan in which, for a reasonable price, those athletes and people concerned about their diet and physical appearance, Informal they find reasonably priced menus showing that fast food does not have to be junk food.

focused initially bodybuilders and athletes a certain level, their healthy menus and food concept have made a deep impression among the general public, thus becoming one of the franchises trendy restaurants in New York City.

Los Menüs the Dig Inn They are formed by healthy foods and protein-rich, with many vegetables such as brussels sprouts, kale, pumpkin, beet and various meats and fish. Much of the menu components appear and disappear according to seasonal availability, allowing you to always have fresh food and seasonal.

The founder of this innovative concept is Adam Eskin, what adventure began Dig Inn after investing in a group of 5 restaurantes llamados The Pump Energy Food, which translates as "The Pump Energy Food", specifically aimed at public bodybuilder.

With this initiative Eskin was unable, bringing in 2011 He decided to give new life to your restaurant concept also changing the name to Dig Inn, "Our goal was to find a sustainable model that could provide our own food, grown in local or own farms, cooked from scratch in pleasant surroundings and at an affordable price”.

A new business model called 'educational cuisine’

For a restaurant these features work, It must necessarily have a perfectly trained staff. They must be able to create, cooking and include in their dishes and menus the right foods, and also like.

"Our goal is to work with chefs whose skills go beyond the culinary field as management, the leadership, trade capacity but also knowledge of diet and nutrition, "said Eskin.

In addition to highly qualified chefs, Eskin's relationship with farmers is the other major key project Dig Inn which has allowed it to thrive. And is that for this restaurant, the contribution of small farmers in the area has been fundamental, since the 85% of the products that make up your menu, proceeds in this way.

A menu created for demanding athletes who triumphed among the general public

Dig Inn menu is divided into two sections, call 'marketplate', with which for a 10 dollars can eat a protein source with chicken, salmon or beef accompanied tofu and a handful of rice. And the salad bar, with plenty of fresh vegetables and seasonal.

With this sale high-end food and ecological at an affordable price, the business model has flourished Eskin trapping an audience that goes beyond bodybuilders and athletes interested in training and care for your body. Ordinary people, much more concerned about their food than years ago, He is seen with good eyes this idea, allowing the franchise bill 35 million in the year 2015.

Advances in food science and nutrition in recent decades reveal the importance of eat properly as one of the great ways to improve health, physical and emotional well-being. Today it is fashionable “healthy”; el running, exercise, give up smoking, maintain a good diet, organic food, detox smoothies ... etc.

They are trends that emerge as much force within the restaurant industry, as the case Dig Inn, what initially it was focused to a more sportsman extract population, and they end up triumphing thanks to a massive acceptance among the general public.

A similar concept to the Dig Inn, but so far has not become so famous is the Gyms Kitchem, a London restaurant that has become famous among the local population after emerge as a restaurant focused entirely athletes.

there is already 11 Dig Inn restaurants in Manhattan and in the coming months will continue to expand in Boston this interesting adventure based on healthy food, rich and accessible.

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