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Written and mailed a letter, the new form of opting to book a table at the Lost Kitchen Restaurant


In a small town in Maine just 700 population, opened less than a half decade a cozy restaurant. Once a flour mill, he Lost Kitchen located in Freedom it has been rated as “the best restaurant in Maine in which possibly never be able to eat” by Devra First, food writer and critic restoration The Boston Globle.

The statement is not unfounded writer. In addition to its remote location, el Lost Kitchen does not find its critical clientele in town welcomes sleeper. With just 40 plazas, Nor can service large celebrations or special dates.

To understand the incongruities of this place, you have to know the story of its creator, Erin French. The Lost Kitchen Freedom is not his making contact with the catering sector. The original conception of the Lost Kitchen was a conventional restaurant located in the city of Belfast, a small city that shelters a population of 7.000 people.

Overactivity forced a change in strategy

Stress in the restaurant exceeded healthy levels. Erin lost the north because of the twenty-hour shifts. In fact, sought solace in drink and it was not uncommon to explode, brandishing their frustrations toward her partner. “At some point I thought I'm going to kill”, He confessed to Devra First.

The solution passed through a de-escalation of services. But this required tweak the business plan. Changes strategy restaurant always accompanied by headaches.

After a transition period in which the Lost Kitchen was, literally, on wheels; the traditional mill Sandy Stream began to be cleaned up by the owners. And these were seeking a tenant for the ground floor. White and bottled. Erin had no doubt that this was an opportunity that should be seized.

The new Lost Kitchen opened in 2014 and the press echoed its unique bet on media as Food & Wine Y Martha Stewart Living. It thus became a new restaurant success, but reducing stress in the restaurant was not reached.

The reservation system for restaurants set did not allow for more. In 24 times received over 10.000 call. It took a week with full dedication to serve stakeholders and arrange the schedule of reserves 2017.

Looking for the best booking system

This was not the plan Erin. “We never wanted a reservation system that supposed to spend a sleepless night, wretchedly pressing the redial button over and over again, but that is what it has become”, says manager.

In a new attempt to reduce stress levels in the restaurant bearable, Erin has devised a New booking system for restaurants. One unconventional and restorers few dare to try.

Of the 1 al 10 of April, the restaurant accepted reservation requests that came in the form of a letter written and via traditional postal services. Since it is clear that demand was outstripping the capacity to service the Lost Kitchen, not all cards have been matched.

Received cards have participated in a draw which it took place at the period of admission and who decided who the lucky diners can sample the set menu Restaurant Success.

We will have to pen and paper taking the trunk of memories ...

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