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Looking ahead to restaurants hotels


Predict the future It is something extremely difficult if you do not have a crystal ball or special powers that you can anticipate the events that are coming. But the smell that give many years seeing how things are changing, from be aware of trends who succeed (and also those who are on the road) and above all, to share information with people anxious and curious, It lets you view something that looks to the future, or at least, It has all the earmarks of being where they will go things.

This we already know: the era of "fork and pillow" has come. With the explosion of gastronomy, democratization of good food and a new social culture hedonist, table -with tablecloths, cuberterías, glassware, crockery, emplatados to Instagram-style and chefs with or without tattoos, with or without office, self-taught or school, traditional or avant-garde, media or anonymous ...- is one of the Ephemeral most successful experiences Catalog of leisure activities of any modern country.

this role, and its capacity as an economic force, He has made many hotels have turned the head in recent years facilities incorporate a cuisine with which capture this new customer in the pleasure of gastronomy, an inevitable motivation for the election of their Saturday nights, their Sunday meetings, a trip weekend or summer vacation.

Hoteliers have discovered that the hotel restaurant has a fatal attraction endless possibilities for customers. In this new space can be made co-branding with other chefs, give variety to changes in seasonal product, organize meetings around a figure of prestige or be part of the pilgrimage route of foodies and influencers to earn a place in the landscape, increasingly competitive, Recommended guides.

Y the most awake (and better financial possibilities for carrying out the investment involved the transformation of a "hotel restaurant" in a "gastro restaurant"), They have gone a step further. Seeing the great advantages of adding food to your offer, They were launched to convert any space installation in a foodie focus. Thus we see lately lobbies converted into casual bars, Remodeled corners as cocktail bars with his letter snaks, dedicated to pop-up -last cult of the ephemeral nature of the dining experience salons- O makeover bars and cafes carried gastrobares.

En el “fork and pillow”, the fork becomes the center of business. And so, many hotels are investing efforts move from being a hotel restaurant to a gastronomic destination where you can also sleep. Geography having reference guides, located in our territory increasingly smaller establishments of this type. Definitely, It is a trend that consolidates and will evolve hospitality business to better communion between beds and tables.

But, What about the future? When (almost) All hotels have their chef, his wonderful letters, his restaurant as a hook ... what will be the new trend? We will have to reinvent itself, Of course. We will have to innovate again, To return to go to market with new products to surprise the customer.

Y this new step will be the (re)changing rooms. Comfort will be an overrated concept, creedme. When all have in house quality mattresses, screen in the room, Individually controlled air conditioning and home automation elements increasingly present in our home environment ... who will appreciate the comfort when choosing from thousands of hotels that offer the same?

Revolution accommodation capacity will come generate experiences. Imagine a hotel with a plant-aquarium, in swimming tropical fish and glass cubes and rooms. Imagine a virtual reality environment where you can live personalized experiences within 20m2. Imagine a place where you can float, as if a magician would make you levitate, weightlessness and sensory stimulation to recover your body and soul in a sidereal nirvana.

Who will evaluate a king size bed then?

Of course traditional hotels will continue to have a space, just like they still have weekly menu restaurants. But the object of desire, as they are now those restaurants looking the difference working techniques, products or models more attractive, The hotel will be offering experiences in room. One who is able to surprise with experiences that can not be replicated anywhere else.

The hotel is many things, It serves many purposes. To feed the hungry and shelter traveler, be the meeting place to do business or celebrate life, being an accomplice of lovers and honeymooners witness. But the nice hospitality, one that steals the heart is the one that becomes a dream factory.

They built the Roca brothers from a neighborhood bar, which carried Blumenthal a get a Michelin star in a pub, which inspired Ferran Adrià to influence several generations of chefs. Who invented Cesar Ritz Hand Escoffier O which today, and they invent thousands of designers, architects or engineers in their heads and soon, technology through, It will be a dream to a reality. That reality you see my crystal ball.

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Trend research, innovation and strategy, consultant and lecturer. Director of Hospitality 4.0 HIP Congress Madrid. Founder and Director of HorecaSpeakers. Professor of Basque Culinary Center, OSTELEA / EAE and other business schools. Handbook author Neo Innkeepers Valientes.


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