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A new mobile app favors the Belgian Restaurants avoid bottled water


Bottled water is a serious environmental problem in Western countries where water is common ubiquitous and high quality. Belgium is one of those countries, and is why citizens concerned about the environment they have agreed to launch to the market a new tool for finding more easily restore those businesses advocating greater sustainability in its business serving tap water in their establishments.

Facebook group Free Tap Water in Belgian Restaurants, led by Sarah Ehrlich and made up something more of 12.000 members, They are responsible for this new tool that will allow Belgian consumers avoid waste of materials such as plastic, or the best of the glass.

Both iOS users as those that use Android-based devices can use this app Mobile without any cost. Currently only it works in Belgium, where water consumption current is not very common. But the creators of the application does not preclude possible future expansion. Certainly it has future in countries like Spain, which serve neither running water jug ​​is the most frequent.

Operation of the software It is very simple. Thanks to its integration with Google Maps Users can view the position of the nearby restaurants where you fight against the crisis of plastic and is made gala sustainability restoration. Those places where preference is given to bottled water have no visibility. So committed citizens can talk to their portfolios, choosing sustainable restaurant at the expense of other less responsible in some sort of plea for the preservation of the natural environment.

Already in June application had 400 Locations marked. The goal is to 20 000 medium-term. For this utility developers have the power of the crowdsourcing. Users can incorporate new businesses where no bottled water is served easily and simple.

Fighting multiple pursues bottled water:

  • Delete the private exploitation of a resource that is a public good and human right.
  • Reduce carbon footprint and stop the crisis of the plastic.
  • Prevent the destruction of aquifers, as did Nestlé in California (OF. UU.) and other places.

The ultimate goal of the app Mobile is disappearing. But for that all Belgian restaurants have to say no to bottled water occurs.

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