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A new app that finds the best possible workers for restaurants


Jitjatjo is a new application designed specifically to solve the problems posed by the need for staff restaurants and various temporary jobs for hospitality. Caterers, event planners and restorers can use Jitjatjo to find those workers who need for an event or a particular service.

Any restaurant can have the need, within a month, to accommodate a group dinner or catering 30 diners, an event to 3.000 people or cocktail 300. That is why, give the right employees, the best trained and talented, and in a short period of time, for restaurants it seems very complicated. It's pretty stressful and time consuming manager, also fails to devote to other tasks.

So, How I can get part-time workers, but are involved in providing excellent service? This was the question asked Ron McCulloch, a Scotsman of 64 years who is also founder and CEO of Jitjatjo. Today, from his office in Manhattan he wants to help restaurant managers can find workers involved and committed, able to provide good service, quickly and reliably with your application Jitjatjo.

McCulloch, along with co-founder and CEO Tim Chatfield Jitjatjo wants to turn the Uber hospitality. If a restaurant needs to offer a catering service for which you have to have five new waiters and a chef, Jitjatjo use its algorithm to find the most qualified workers and available in minutes.

The algorithm chooses the worker for your restaurant

After seven months of intense travel and research, McCulloch y Chatfield, 20 years his junior, they moved to New York City, It was mid-year 2016. They already had experience having been working together for ten years in a company video-sharing style archi-known Youtube or Vimeo call Viostream, but that was founded in 2002 under the name of Viocorp as we read this week in the US media forbes.com.

Two of them start at twenty employees who have today in their offices, Jitjatjo has managed to capture a network of more than 10.000 registered workers and several thousand customers. Among these customers we can find restaurants and caterers to Microsoft, Burberry y Boston Consulting, since Jitjatjo also provides temporary staff for corporate events, as brand ambassadors or similar promotional posts.

Jitjatjo calculates payroll taxes to possible

Jitjatjo has achieved a clear differentiation from other applications or temporary employment agencies job search and sophisticated technology, but also for his treatment of internal staff and temporary workers. The company also offers free professional development events ranging from more basic skills to a panel discussion called “How to Succeed In Hospitality” with industry specialists.

Another distinguishing element Jitjatjo with respect to other applications with similar functions, is the possibility offered by this that workers can calculate taxes that weigh on their payrolls to know the gross salary and find a more accurate way as they are charging for their work really.

Perhaps it can be attributed to cultural differences, since McCulloch is Scottish with roots in Australia and Australian Chatfield is rooted in Singapore, or simply a matter of disposition, but both are extroverted McCulloch as Chatfield, affable and cheerful, attitudes have certainly managed to move all aspects of the company.

This good feeling is transferred to the essence of your application, getting excited and motivated workers for restaurants who they need them. And as suggested Oscar Carrion in this newspaper, "Motivation is temporary staff the "Achilles heel" of any hospitality business.

Because of the seasonality of our sector, stable set is very complicated templates, so usually we use temporary workers to fill these positions based restaurant staff. Now we have a new platform to give the best possible employees for my restaurant. Currently only operates in United States, but they hope to soon expand its business to other markets that need their services.

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