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“A new era in restaurants”, Diego Coquillat book


A few days ago I sent my subscribers a sneak preview book “A new era in restaurants”. Today I want to publicly present it to all my readers and followers.

The book is a project that fills me with enthusiasm and fulfills the objective of moving into other formats the most relevant knowledge shared in the digital newspaper, which turn.

The book is the result of teamwork, a compilation of the best articles published in the newspaper by different authors and in 193 pages allow the reader to start a trip around current trends in the restaurant industry nationally and globally.

learned pages of the book & quot; A new era in restaurants" Diego Coquillat Content that goes to the point, with a clear and close language recounts the momentous change that we are living in the sector and how new trends and technology are changing the relationship between customers and restaurants.

Big data, ubiquitous restaurants, digital tips, mobile payments, Sustainable restaurants or food trucks, are some of the topics covered in the book, demonstrating how Innovation is one of the main levers for future sustainability hospitality business.

The book does not give solutions or make decisions about different topics covered, su objetivo es mostrar el camino y provocar la reflexión sobre la nueva era a la que se enfrentan los restaurantes. I hope you like it.

New book by Diego Coquillat: & Quot; A new era in restaurants"

You can download the book or buy it on paper at the following link:


I'd love to hear your thoughts on the book. You can leave a comment at the end of this article or send it via Twitter to @diegocoquillat and hashtag #LibroDiegoCoquillat…Thank you!

“A new era in restaurants”, Diego Coquillat book
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  1. Good Morning

    nos ha gustado su libro y hemos hecho un pequeño artículo de opinión en nuestro apartado de “marketing digital” from web (se publicará a lo largo del día de hoy) o podrá ver el enlace a través de nuestro facebook

    siempre es necesario informarse y formarse con autores de su nivel

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