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A new way of understanding the design of the restaurant kitchen


Chapter 1. Presentation of the project

The design of the restaurant kitchen is a key element get the most functionality and facilitate the work of those who work in it. If we seek to maintain a good level of service in a hotel business, the kitchen should be productive and be designed so that you can work comfortably in her.

As important as a good design of the kitchen in a restaurant, He is the choice of the most appropriate equipment for each project. For this they have to think about what the specific needs of that kitchen, and where is the ideal place to locate each of the machines. The ideal size of a kitchen has a direct relationship to the number of guests for being cooked every day.

In addition to a comfortable kitchen, safe and functional, We can not forget about hygiene, since its design is also focused on ensuring this fundamental aspect.

To better understand the importance of designing, manage and properly plan a professional kitchen, it is necessary to know thoroughly everything related to the storage of perishable and imperishable, preparations, he implementation o MEP, cooking, emplatado, people, delivery, waste, cooks, waiters or the flow of goods recepcionadas.

How to design the kitchen of a restaurant

At the beginning in the design of an industrial kitchen, must take into account one series issues that will allow us to fully visualize the result we hope to achieve and ensure an ecosystem of elements that have to be well interrelated.

If we want to get a project resounding success, we will build on four fundamental slogans:

  1. Not to be influenced. Kitchens practices above all

When a designer will carry out a project professional kitchen, often it has to respond to requests made by the architect, ideas or plans that manufacturers have developed brand thinking, or corporatism, etc ... These "suggestions" will only cause confusion when designing the future design of the restaurant kitchen, that above all It must be practical, practical and hygienic.

  1. Use the square footage strictly necessary

The economy and savings are essential for the smooth running of any business, and in the case of a restaurant it is not less. Restaurants and cafes use local well-placed, so the value of m2 is very high and every corner should make the most.

To get this, it is best to perfectly reflect every decision and we will not have to change our plans because we lack space to work, or leave areas poorly exploited kitchen.

  1. We look for the most suitable equipment for every need.

Nobody manufactures all the equipment needed to work in a kitchen, the reason why you have to find the right team for each project, depending on the volume of food that will be served each day, and in whatever form this. These teams will be placed too orderly, following the idea of ​​"food always forward", within the workspace, to take all possible functions.

  1. We provide a good dose of good taste

Each new kitchen, each new plane design we do, It must be a masterpiece, where draw out all our good taste. As already previously stated in, every decision ought to be well thought and agreed with the property since, the correct design of the restaurant kitchen, and productivity will depend largely, your success.

Distribution of space in the kitchen of a restaurant

The first thing you should do when receiving a new local plans by the architect, It is to carry out a thorough distribution of spaces that all workers can be fully operational in the work, and perform its function normally without interfering with the other. With a effective distribution of space and proper planning can work simultaneously on tasks of the overall work plan masons, plumbers, electricians and gas.

In all kitchens have Two types of distinct areas are as basic areas, and complementary areas.

The basic areas refer to everything that has to do with food preparation, where they operate cooks and helpers. Among them we are, this order, the reception area and merchandise control, food stores, the vegetable preparation areas, fish, meat and cold room, the cooking zone and Delivery.

Between complementary areas are the area plonge, the dishwashing area and emplatado.

In future chapters A new way of understanding the design of a professional kitchen, further develop these aforementioned areas.

And you, How will you design the kitchen of your restaurant? If you have any questions or suggestions, Do not doubt leave a comment.

About the Author

Managing Director NF projects and installations Industrial Kitchens. My biggest dream is to convey knowledge of design professional kitchens. Teachings that does not give you college, tasteful and free design for a lover of his work and assiduous follower of the developments in the world of hospitality.



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      For you to have a more advanced project idea, Send me a plane in pdf, to make a quality report design. regards.

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  3. Good article on kitchen design.

    For professional kitchens design a success, It must be performed by a multidisciplinary team of professionals such as architects, engineers, food technologists and professional kitchen. Only in this way you can get to make a design that meets the legal requirements, health and hygiene and be functional. And design errors which can lead to a malfunction of the kitchen increased cleaning costs are avoided, personal, etc. Without any penalties for non-compliance.

    I do not MOVES, Safety Architecture Management, we have extensive experience in designing professional kitchens with full satisfaction of our customers

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      Hello Hernan, Thank you very much for your comment. If you send me a PDF with your current home and the extension you want to do, I can suggest you some ideas, possibly, help you make decisions.

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      As you know, There are countless types of fast food outlets, some with several hundred m2. and others 10/15 m2. For example: is completely different design of the kitchen of a Macdonald, and a Take Away.
      To be able to help you, I need to specify something else and if you have a project portfolio, Send me a local architect plane and comment on something specific.

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  8. good afternoon, I would like more information about the operation and distribution of an industrial kitchen for the design of a new restaurant . thanks greetings

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      If you already have plane architect of the new premises, Send me a PDF and I will make a division of spaces, with pleasure.
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  9. very good
    Very good information, simple and straightforward.
    In a few months I will start the project of a restaurant in Brussels and I would like more information you put here. I do not even local but I have the concept, Once this field Podre specify more. Greetings and thank you

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      Hello German, good afternoon.
      To give you some additional information, you need to know some facts, For example:
      Type of restaurant, capacity, paper, investment, Architect plans when you have etc.. Right now, without more data, I can only give you some idea:
      Do not be swayed by any mark.
      Seeks to install appropriate equipment to your needs.
      A professional make you a good distribution of spaces.
      Greetings to your next news.

  10. Very good gentlemen info!
    Good morning to all, I would like to tell me that is suitable for the development of proper circulation of staff in the kitchen, I have a space 10 m long x 4 Wide. I'm between two ideas, amoblar L-shaped whole space so that there is central circulation. Or locate a fine table in the center so that there is a circulation U-shaped streets. From already thank you very much. regards

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    As an interior architect interested in topics like me to get closer to perfection. I could you expand this topic.
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      Hi Alfredo, Thank you for your comment and sorry for the delay in replying.
      In Spain we have over 300,000 local gastronomic catering and every kitchen is different.
      Any more than 10% closes each year, because he had no project or that he was wrong.
      The best way to work with you is seeing some cases and, disinterestedly, make a distribution of spaces commented, Based on a series of essential guidelines, If you do not want it to be one of the more than 30.000 Local to close:

      1No. Do not be swayed by anything or anyone.
      2º Use essential m2 for each local and specialty.
      3Search th, in international markets the right machine in each case.
      4º Do not forget sustainability, energy and economic savings, pollution, etc.
      5º Echarle the stew, a pinch of salt and tasteful.

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    Mr. Agapito, I send an email giving more information about the restaurant.
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  13. Good Morning, thank you very much for the post is very good and served me much.
    I have some questions, I make a kitchen design for a restaurant with a capacity of 66 people, and really I have not much idea of ​​running a restaurant kitchen, how many m2 per person in the kitchen, or if the kitchens on the island are more functional.
    If I could give a guide, I will be eternally grateful.
    Thank you very much

    • Agapito Barroso on

      hi Carla, good afternoon.
      In order to give an opinion on any business, the basic idea of ​​putting must know deeply underway.
      There is a variant too large, to advise the m2 per person they are needed and, it would not be very important, and
      we do not consider a number of essential concepts, before starting:
      1º A design must be independent.
      2º When designing, we can not be influenced by anything or anyone.
      3No. We must use, in the kitchen, the m2 absolutely necessary.
      4º The machines we project, They must be the most appropriate market.
      5º should consider sustainability, energy saving, etc. if we want to be competitive.
      If you already have a local architect plane, Send me a pdf and your ideas and we will gladly help you,
      disinterestedly, that you have the ideal kitchen.

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      Excellent information offered by the book you are reading Silestone, especially if you are interested, somehow, The surfaces.
      First of all, I would like to know where you live, If you talk about a classroom course and, in general, more about you. A recommendation should be based on the knowledge of who asks, but it can not be good.

  14. Hello, million thanks for your time and sharing your knowledge. I hatched the idea of ​​reforming an old building have large stone in the mountains with the idea of ​​opening a cooking school / restaurant,with garden, but not any of this and would have to hire a chef / teacher. To do the work is very important to design the kitchen, which should serve to school and I would like I was in sight of the public. What en.las classes which would be served in the restaurant cook. He believes that the characteristics of a catering school are the same as a restaurant? Maybe I should look for the chef before to guide me? I entisiasma decor but in this case I feel that I lack all knowledge of the matter.

  15. Hi I want to design the kitchen for a bar, and it was a very small 12 m2 ,I have no idea and I come before those of commercial cass I would like to acquire some basic knower of the subject.
    a greeting

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      We answer your comment but have not received a reply.
      I take this opportunity to ask you how many m2 has the entire local. You plan architect with measurements?
      challenges the agabalo48@yahoo.es and we will be happy to help.

  16. Hello! Congratulations on this publication, helps a lot to clarify and establish certain criteria work, thank you very much for sharing this knowledge.
    If this would be possible, I would like more information regarding as we would like in a few months to start a small project. Greetings from Mexico.

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      Hello Ivan.
      Thank you for your comments.
      The best information you can send, It is closely linked to what you really want to take a few months. Commenting on the new business, exactly, will give you the best view as you must ride. If you send me a plan of architect with measurements, we will make a distribution of spaces, to let you know the ability of customers you may have and m2 to be used in each zone.
      I await your news agabalo48@yahoo.es
      A very warm greeting.

  17. Hello ..necesito design a kitchen for a university cafeteria restaurant ..for what a productive area of ​​fast foods pizzas ..sándwich light salads and some cooked and ready to put hot table at the front is needed.
    The area intended for this purpose is a rectangle of 6m. Front by 3 background …and it has nothing …Imagine yourself as if it were a container .
    And all this restaurant to the front of the 6m wide from the kitchen by 12 background…
    Osea we 18m2. Kitchen and nearly 100m2. The ATEA Restaurant

  18. Hello, I'm dabbling in the world of gastronomy, I have a small restaurant and now I'm operating (cooking) a studio apartment but I have the need to expand, currently executive fresh meals and some special dishes. I would like advice or guidance how could adapt spaces and equipment needed to operate efficiently, and if I guide the design to make a remodeling would be very grateful

  19. Guillermo Acosta on

    Excellent article. We are discussing the idea with my family to install a dark kitchen, to make hamburgers, lomitos (in Latin America, a kind of elongated sandwich, with whole meat slices) and pizzas. The usable space that we have in total is 24 square meters. You can tell me where to find material that can help us design the kitchen, considering that 3 people may be working on site at the same time? Thank you very much for sharing the knowledge in these articles., they may not be aware of the enormous help they give. regards!

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