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Join Restaurants Against Hunger 2012


Today I want to support my blog from this initiative to combat child malnutrition thanks to the help of hundreds of restaurants and solidarity of thousands of customers.

“Action Against Hunger invites you to participate in the III Edition of Restaurants Against Hunger which this year will be held from 15 September to 15 of November.

In 2011, more of 500 establishments managed to raise 100.000 euros to fight against child malnutrition. But much remains to be done; each 6 seconds a child dies from hunger-related causes so we need to establishments like yours help us save your life. For only 1 euro provide one more day of life to a malnourished child.


Restaurants Against Hunger

The mechanics are simple:

· Inscribe tu restaurante y recibirás sin costes los materiales promocionales (posters, literature, stickers ...) in early September.

· Escoge los platos y /o menús solidarios en tu carta que indicarás con una pegatina.

· Por cada uno que tu cliente pida, you restaurant donated to Action Against Hunger the agreed amount (from 0.50 a 2 euros for each).

· Al finalizar la campaña recibirás un diploma de agradecimiento y un certificado de donación del importe del donativo con el que puedes desgravarte un 25% if you're particular or 35% if it is a company in the corporate income tax.

Join in and participate in the largest solidarity initiative hostelry from Spain!

Click here and register your restaurant, Complete the form and follow the steps. Action Against Hunger will contact you to confirm that they have received your registration.

Last day of registration, 15 of July!

You have all the information on the web of Restaurants Against Hunger and if you have any questions you can ask Olga Alfonso Lopez Calderon acalderon@achesp.org olopez@achesp.org or on the phone 91 77116 68 or Mobile 616 612 404.

Help us that no more children starve!”

Action Against Hunger is a more vulnerable independent international humanitarian organization that fights child malnutrition while ensuring water and secure livelihoods populations. We operate in more than 45 supporting countries 6,4 millions of people. Our vision is a world without malnutrition; our first objective, restore dignity to those living today threatened by hunger.

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