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Valladolid held the first World Championship TapasVLL2017 Tapas #


Valladolid city has proclaimed these last days City indisputably tops and Pichos par excellence. And is that if the week began with the XIII National Contest Skewers, held on 6 Y 7 in the Millennium Dome, Wednesday 8 He has begun First World Championship Tapas Ciudad de Valladolid.

A gastronomic event with far-reaching nationwide, we have moved to one of international significance. Nothing more and nothing less than the first World Championship Tapas, which will merge small creations of chefs from all parts of the world.

Total, 15 +1 Tapas specialized professionals finally choose to the title of World Champion for their respective countries. He +1 It is due to the presence of the chef Restaurant Atrio de Cáceres, Alberto Montes, which will be the Spanish representative of the World for having left National champion in editing Tapas 2016.

Throughout the whole day today we have seen in less than 25 minutes, Each chef has presented seven reproductions of his cap, six for the jury and to be photographed and displayed to viewers. After a draw order, participants have joined the culinary set every 5 minutes, supplying the jury lids each 5 minutes, equally.

The winner will receive a prize of € 6,000 awarded by the Interprofessional Olive Oil from Spain, and the title of World Champion Tapas 2017 and a testimonial trophy. The Jury President will be the great Alberto Chicote, that has left throughout the morning Twitter samples in high quality the covers that they are part of this World Championship.

A review of the highlight that has made Twitter the first World Championship Tapas # TapasVLL2017



Los ganadores del Primer Campeonato Mundial del Tapas #TapasVLL2017 se conocerán a las 20:00 horas.

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