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Valladolid become the world center of the lid


Valladolid city has held these days XIII National Contest Skewers City of Valladolid, also followed by the first World Championship Tapas, In the same place, the Millennium Dome.

For this reason we believe that, officially and, at least for this month, Valladolid has earned more than the right to be called 'City of Tapa' in Spain. In the national championship skewers to 48 chefs from all regions have adapted their creations and avant-garde creations to the more traditional form of consumption in our country: the covers.

Each chef must prepare 7 Reproductions lid 25 minutes

The mechanics of the contest is simple but no less frantic as, in just 25 minutes, each candidate for certification shall cook 7 reproductions of his skewer or lid for the jury, which will be captained by television and popular chef Alberto Chicote, charged with giving a good account of everything that happened during the days of 6 and the 7 November in the social network Twitter.

All week until Sunday, Valladolid city offered through its bars and restaurants all kinds of tapas, including candidates to win the title XIII National Competition Skewers.

At the end the best tapas in Spain 2017 It is the 'Ensaimada crayfish', a lid made cook Igor Rodriguez Sanz, restaurant Ham, and you can taste the establishment vallisoletano Montellén. In addition, five chefs de Aragón, Asturias, Cantabria, Basque Country and Madrid have also been awarded several prizes.

So you can enjoy what took place in Valladolid during these days of the XIII National Contest Skewers, we leave Highlight that has come through Twitter.

The best of XIII National Competition Ciudad de Valladolid Pinchos on Twitter

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