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"We will create a digital community for the hospitality sector". Peter Gries, Director General of Makro Spain


we interviewed Peter Gries he general manager Makro Spain Since October 2016. He began his career in the Metro Group, subsidiary Makro Spain, in January 2007 as Chief Operating Officer of western Europe & Mena. Only three years later he was appointed COO of Makro Portugal. Later in March 2012, He assumes the position of Chief Operating Officer Metro Italy.

Interview with Peter Gries, Director General of Makro Spain

Question (P).- At what point do you think is the HORECA sector in Spain in terms of Digital Transformation or Digitization?

Answer (R).- The world of hospitality is a pending issue with the digitization. While the final consumer, your customer, It has incorporated naturally the digital world in their buying decision process and as the linchpin of their relationship with their circle of influence.

The digital world It has changed the expectations of these consumers in their relationship with the companies and thus to the business of our customers. This situation, it is necessary that the sector HORECA progress in its digital processing.

(P).- "The Spanish market attaches great importance to service excellence provider". Which the role of technology companies in the future of HORECA? And actually?

(R).- The technology has been in business for years, However in the past, IT departments focused mainly on process automation and efficiencies for such automation business. The role of IT today, and it will be in the future, It is much more focused on the use of technology as a driver of innovation and even as a differentiation factor.

It is important to understand that the digital transformation is not focused exclusively on the use of technology, it is, especially, a process that is change the model of relationship with our customers. How? through a greater understanding of their needs, expectations and preferences, as well as the ability to adapt our value proposition create an experience that is relevant, integrated, Omnichannel and customizable. It is about transforming companies to be agile, innovative and customer-centric.

Peter Gries, Director General of Makro Spain

“We want to create a digital community for the hospitality industry”

(P).- How will you help Makro promote the Digital Transformation Spanish hoteliers Business?

(R).- The first step we have taken in Makro is bet on the digital acceleration of our customers offering them the possibility of having your own website for free. This initiative stems from an international project of Metro AG, matriz de Macro, That responds, at the same time, a sector demand.

We offer a totally free service on modern Internet presence, simple and individual, as well as a tool for online reservation will be launched in a second phase. Despite being relatively recent, The platform already has more than 15.000 mainly active users in Germany and France.

In this sense, and always in search of solutions to facilitate the day to day hotelier, Our main goal is create a digital community for the sector hospitality, offering value-added benefits, and networking, exchange of experience and continuous technological upgrading.

(P).- damage the three main reasons for a restaurant or catering company invests in digitizing their processes.

(R).- Innovation in technology will allow it to improve product management, improve the internal management of the team and of course, experience and increase customer satisfaction. We live in a world increasingly digitized and hospitality can not be left out of this trend.

(P).- The Restorers study and Technology, What is the future? developed by the EcoleHôtelière of Lausanne, in collaboration with Metro by surveying more than 4.000 restaurants in Europe and Japan, shows that about 70% of respondents does not use technology or only very elementary way. Nevertheless, near a 48% Spanish hoteliers recognize that technology is important or very important for the future of your business, and only 20%, approximately, declares an intention to invest in technology in the coming years. In the opinion of Makro, Why does this happen?

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(R).- This is an industry that has been working in much the same way for decades, but the world has changed dramatically with the use of technology and access to information. Has changed how we learn, we forge our opinions and make decisions. The hospitality industry is no stranger to this transformation.

In recent years there have been multiple platforms that change the rules and are between the consumer and the business of hospitality. And indeed, a 48% Spanish hoteliers recognize that technology is important for the future of your business, but only 20% declares an intention to invest in technology in the coming years.

This is due to the main barrier to the use of technology the cost is followed by other priority projects. Plus, lack of knowledge in technology. Definitely, other priorities and limited resources are to blame for these percentages.

macro, The Digital prize with Best Restaurants2018

(P).- Makro has supported premios The Best Digital Restaurants2018 – #TheBestDR18, the first prizes in the world that aim to recognize the efforts and work in the digital management of the best restaurants and chefs. How do you value the appearance on the dining scene and HORECA, some awards like these?

(R).- We highly value the existence of Prizes The Best Digital Restaurants, which recognize the work and effort of the hospitality sector in general. And improved digital management, in particular, with which we are fully aligned from Makro. An effort that It contributes every day to improve the customer experience, the service and the quality of our restaurants, bars and cafes. Thus, sincerely thank Diego Coquillat, that allows us to be part of this special tribute to the innkeeper who certainly, motivates us to continue our efforts in order to remain the partner of the hospitality.

(P).- How is Peter Gries? We want to know what, apart from being CEO of Makro Spain, the goals, dreams and hobbies of one of the most important suppliers in this sector.

(R).- I consider myself a fairly normal person who values ​​much time I can spend with family and friends. I also like to travel, and of course, I am passionate about Spain and its wonderful cuisine that has made this country a benchmark worldwide.

My goal is to enjoy what I do every day contribute to Makro is recognized as the partner of hospitality, a sector that does so much for our economy.

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