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Vapiano, Italian franchise restaurants final


In October it made two years since I came to live in Miami, and I still feel the same as the first day I arrived. I'm in the land of opportunity in many ways but mainly in what concerns gastronomy.

I imagine there will be a before and after from arrival Trump for president, but regardless of the outcome of this new administration, entrepreneurship that inhabitants of these lands is in their DNA. And that's admirable. I sincerely believe that these people, wherever they come, They are enhanced among all.

still amazes the number of franchises that exist. Before when you referred to a franchise, It seemed to be synonymous with fast food, cockroach, of medium or low quality. But the truth is that today no and, As much as you think, not only lives hamburger United States.

Discovering a new Italian franchise

Recently, thanks to the suggestion of a friend I went to try an Italian restaurant. It is in the financial center of this city in the state of Florida, in the Brickell, also known as "the Manhattan of Miami".

I confess I was little information about the place and somewhat distrustful. “¿Italian food in Miami?”, I repeated to myself.

While US. It is a country of immigrants, with large Italian colonies, they not lived in Florida and, for that reason, not many restaurants of this type in this land. but hey, I have also noticed that Needless born in Italy, or have azzurras roots to become a good specialist in Italian cuisine.

This company, In my opinion, meets the old saying, "The organization overcomes the time" and also added quality You Have Been! The franchise in question is called Vapiano, and it is simply spectacular. From pleasant and natural environment, well decorated, own style, fresh and intense aromas, everything in its right balance.

Vapiano are two Italian words meaning will and piano, that is to say, slowly. “El chi (what) Go slow, goes and steady wins” It can be translated “which it goes slowly, It does better, and goes further”.

As you enter the home, you get a receptionist, that is attached to your Manager. All restaurants, They have this charge, the Manager, just being a key figure to ensure the correct functioning restaurant.

Very kindly, either ask you if you know anything about the operation of the chain. If you do not know the system, pass a brief introduction about the concept.

Vapiano, a different franchise

It is a kind of efficient self, practical and exquisite quality, which works as follows: they deliver a similar card to a credit, in which all charges will make the products that consume at the restaurant. There are two separate and opposing bars within the local: one is the kitchen, from where the main course and some drinks such as soft drinks and even water premium. In this bar you can taste, pastas, rissottos, pizzas and salads, all freshly made and sight. The other is for beer, wines, drinks and desserts.

When you approach the kitchen there is a three chefs each with two burners, in them they have huge pans and in the middle of both, hot water for pasta. They are conductors Restaurant, they like to call “Vapianisti”, and interact directly with the customer.

Behind each, There are two large blackboards. In one they consist of different types of pasta and other different types of sauces. There is also the possibility of quietly read the menu while waiting to be served.

As low 5 O 6 different pulps, and the same happens with sauces. Three or four kinds of risotto, variety of pizzas and salads. The first big surprise is that all sauces are cooked at the moment and in front of the diners.

And talk of rice for which, plus the sauce already have established base, ask if you want to add meat, chicken, prawns, etc. It really is amazing, you start to enjoy the dish from the moment you order. Your five senses are put there, You stay immobilized, But your eyes and your nose are active and enjoying. You are in front of your private chef who, for a few minutes, I was preparing a personalized dish just for you.

The pastas are packaged in individual packages, placed on a shelf in sight and behind Cook. Every day in the restaurant to prepare cook the dish with fresh ingredients and made that day by themselves “Vapianistis”.

The best Italian food experience I have ever tasted

Once the dish is ready, ask you to pass the card to make office, and you can go for your drink or dessert if you have not gone through them before. In the bar there is a great dispenser of fresh water with lemon, you can help yourself as many times as you want.

When I chose my table started to go local with view. With so many developments had not had time to see it in its fullness. Sipping my delicious dish with shrimp sauce, I lift my eyes and see at the top a small room, Glassing, immaculate. Inside, two white. Yes, you guessed, They were there the Pasteros two masters, you knead pasta on the premises. This was like being at Disneyland of Italian food!

Vapiano, despite offering Italian cuisine, It is of German origin, and it is headquartered in Bonn. They have over 150 restaurants, including 6 in France and 54 in Germany, where the company was founded in 2002. ¡Ah, Y They have no restaurant in Italy!

The first restaurant opened Vapiano 22 October 2002 in Hamburg. Three of the four partners, He began his career at McDonalds, It could not be otherwise, emerged from the great mother of all global franchises.

By the way, and for all Spanish readers of this newspaper, in a few months they mounted the first Vapiano en Barcelona…Do not miss it, worth!

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Advertiser Masters in Business Management and Marketing ESIC. In the world of restaurants from the 2001, mainly in the expansion area franchise. Currently he resides in Miami where he combines his work for a major advertising agency with his passion for the culinary world, music, film and ultimately the Brikran.



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