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Videoconferences to streamline the hiring process in restaurants


The process efficiency related restaurants They reach up to the last of the tasks. Since the work environment within the catering business is very demanding, the dropout rate and the need to rehire require that the manager or responsible for these powers spends time with recruitment.

This is even more pronounced in the case of establishments that are subject to significant seasonality because of its location. Nothing has to do a restaurant located in a small city where the clientele is mainly composed of recurring and regular business visitors, that the situation may experience a local on the beach in some coastal areas of the Mediterranean holiday, with strong fluctuations resulting influx of international tourism.

Nor are equal the circumstances when we compare an independent, family restaurant, with a global scope chain dedicated to organized restoration. In this last case, recruitments are occurring at a rapid pace.

Because in any case reduce the time spent hiring process is positive if the quality of work is not compromised, Some human resources managers are migrating from traditional interviewing methods with a strong technological base.

Nothing better to illustrate the case that concerns us the story of Frank Yurchak.

Frank has worked for a quarter century Chick-fil-A, the fast food chain specializing in chicken recipes that has exceeded benefits Burger King in EE. THE. during exercise 2018.

Until recently the hiring process was being done as it had always done. Young people interested passed by the establishment, They topped one of the forms with your personal information and then they could come to have an opportunity to talk to the person responsible if they had made a good first impression.

Integrated on the website of Chick-fil-A forms made a bit more efficient work: less material, faster communication and less discomfort for candidates, which encouraged them to try their luck.

Yurchack currently he realized that his way of working was limiting him too. It was in 2017 when he decided that he wanted first to receive the applicants was a videoconference.

The idea came in response to a change in the paradigm of the recruitment process. While just a few years ago he was responsible for human resources who initiated the selection of candidates, a while now people are looking for work the movers and shakers to boost potential recruitment.

With videoconferencing managed to avoid some pitfalls that caused those interested in working in Chick-fil-A abandon the selection process prematurely. For example, while in the written or online form indicate that not had previous experience in this type of work caused a negative feeling of frustration in participants often he led them to leave the unfinished process, during the videoconference the interviewer can encourage your partner to continue, as this aspect is just one of many that the company considers when making your decision.

After a year using the new videoconferencing system, which can combine with other more traditional methods without any conflict arising, Frank has noticed that several of the contracts it has made have come by novel routes and they would not have taken place if it had not disassociated forms.

With many years of work activity still ahead, Yurchack is happy to have abandoned outdated recruitment strategies, well You can now search for talent in a cohort of people that had no access.

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