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VIPS duplica su oferta ‘Good for you’ with eight new dishes


VIPS reinforces its commitment varied and balanced diet. The wide brand category ‘Good for you’ his letter to Incorporating eight new dishes. And it does so primarily with three goals: address trends, tastes and needs its customers; offer new balanced alternatives from breakfast to a late dinner; and respond with healthy profile light recipes and variety Recommended ingredients for a balanced diet. These are the axes that the brand has worked to meet this booming demand from their customers.

VIPS strengthens its value proposition, summarized by its advertising claim 'very open': a restaurant-cafeteria for all audiences where to find quality tasty dishes, indulging in so much as a balanced, made at the time and the taste of each customer, whatever they are their desires and needs.

Food trend for its healthy profile like avocado, lighter recipes or greater variety of quality ingredients recommended for a balanced diet, as legumes, fruits, vegetables or nuts. They are some of the axes that have worked chefs and nutritionists brand to develop these eight new recipes.

In the letter breakfast and snacks VIPS

Elaborate new proposals selected for its healthy ingredients like yogurt profile, fresh fruit or avocado, rich in healthy fats, vitamins and fiber and low in sugar, now share the stage with legendary breakfasts VIPS and inimitable pancakes and smoothies.

Aguacate Toasts: Eat varied to be tastier than ever. Avocado toast bread twelve grains and seeds, with scrambled egg, feta and dried tomato. With a refreshing arugula and tomato garnish.

Bowl of yogurt, fruit and muesli: A large bowl of delicious yogurt with strawberries, banana and pineapple freshly cut, and crunchy oat muesli, nuts and honey. Its mini version is also available as cup of yogurt for the whole day. More options for care at any time of day

In addition to these new options for breakfast and snack times, VIPS has joined the letter offering uninterrupted throughout the day, delicious snacks with 30% fewer calories than the average of the dishes in its category.

A) Yes, It has developed new proposals for sandwiches, burgers, salads and desserts, for your customers to find at all times a tasty recipe that enjoy taking care:

Aegean sandwich: A surprising turkey sandwich, rocket, feta cheese, tomato, tzatziki sauce and chutney dried tomato bread twelve grains and seeds. Ideal accompanied by a vegetable chips.

Aguacate Chicken Burger: You can enjoy a light and nutritious burger full of flavor? The team of chefs VIPS has found the perfect recipe: Chicken breast grilled bread muffin with avocado, dried tomato, Grilled onions, tomato slices, lettuce and yoghurt sauce.

Dip guacamole hummus: Healthy snacking comes with two new proposals and nutritious vegetarian: chickpea humus or guacamole accompanied corn tortillas ideal for sharing.

salad York: Mixed greens, ham, tomato, black olives, onion slices and croutons.

With these new dishes 'Good for you', VIPS has a total of 15 Proposals in this category in your letter, which also offers other options like Sandwich California, Chicken supreme, Pallarda beef and prawns Siracha in main courses, Siciliana and Veggie Green Vitality in salads and juice as proposed.

A wide selection of these new dishes ‘Good for you’ They are also incorporated into the offer of VIPS Smart, the successful commercial format of the brand with service desk.

All these recipes have been developed by a multidisciplinary team chefs, nutritionists and technical R & D in the experimental kitchen brand. A process over 12 months, where you have taken into account the tastes and opinions of clients, who have been involved to the project by holding several sessions of group work.

Then, I share a selection of products VIPS 'Good for you’ as the company shows us through his Instagram account:

Enjoy a fresh and full breakfast with our bowl of yogurt, fruit and muesli! Delicious natural yogurt 🍓, 🍌 Y 🍍 freshly cut, and crunchy muesli! How to picnic? #GoodForYou

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