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Back to normal, restaurants begin recovery based on graphical analysis


At last, after many days of very negative news in the hospitality sector, it seems that as in many and various activities that take place throughout the country, restaurants reawaken interest for customers.

Regular readers and followers of this newspaper, know that we are very much in favor of reading the charts to foresee the future movements of the sector, as we did a few months ago in the article we published under the title “The restaurant curve”. Well, right now, all of them, clearly indicate that we are back on a bullish path, which shows that the worst moments of this crisis may have passed, although after what I have experienced in recent months, any precaution is little.

On an international level the S&P500 Restaurants has maintained an upward trend for a few weeks, having recovered a very important part of the debacle of the beginning of March. The American market recovers, although the different internal tensions could hinder this situation. It shouldn't take too long to find the height of the 2.000 points, as you can be seen in the chart below:

On the other hand, Germany, that since mid-May it was beginning to recover an upward flow in its restaurant reservation levels, a clear indicator of growing customer interest, has spearheaded a bullish move against major world countries. This trend seems to be consolidating in recent days, although there is a long way to recover previous levels to the crisis.

In Spain, although a little more delayed than the previously commented countries, this change in trend is already visible in the charts, that although clearly will be in the form of "u", and not of "v" ,as some forecasts indicated at the beginning of the crisis, the market is undoubtedly beginning to react.

In the graph we see how recovery has begun, although as in the previous case, there is a long way to go to reach the levels end of February, almost 50% on the way.

Even, in those more related terms with direct customer conversion, how are the reserves, a significant rebound is seen, with a prediction of higher growth for the next few days, as indicated by the dotted line that the graph draws.

Analyzing the country's subregions, we see how in some communities, they have changed phase, interest in restaurants and reservations grows exponentially in recent days, especially remarkable the Community of Madrid followed by Catalonia, Andalusia and the Valencian Community.

Definitely, the New Hospitality in the Post COVID era it is served, according to graphic analysis, with all the caution and precautions that this must entail, as that ad for a large restaurant chain said, “the important thing is not that you come, is that you come back”, Y restaurants and customers seem to be coming back.

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