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Wagamama, Asian Restaurants love to London arrive in Spain


The Asian chain restaurants most famous of London, which describes itself as irreverent, Madrid reaches across the face, shamelessly settling in 41 Serrano Street, Madrid's Golden Mile.

From today, Wagamama officially lands in Spain and she brings her own distinctive style, inspired by Japanese ramen bars Y with a letter full of smells and tastes purely oriental. "This is a unique brand, Wagamama has much duende "said Alvaro Salafranca, CEO of the chain in Spain and Portugal.

And not without reason Salafranca, since just inside the door we can see that Wagamama He has entered Spanish territory without losing its essence. At a local 335 square meters are two lounges with benches and large tables, to share between known and unknown, and a long kitchen open to the public. Rugen guts and smell delights from the moment we stepped restaurant, and is the smell of your Pan-Asian cuisine It covers everything.

The Kaizen philosophy comes to dishes

Con Wagamama, in addition to its philosophy Kaizen Continuous Improvement, they hope to convey both their spaces and the service and food, reaches its gastronomic jargon orientalized. Edamame, umami, ponzu, mochi O bok Choi are some of the names that come to fill our mouths from this daring restaurant dishes.

Jaro Redondo, executive chef of Wagamama In our country, ensures that it is necessary cooking equipment is fun preparing each dish. "We do not do the Pad Thai a Thai grandmother, gamberra and we make fun version of Wagamama " Redondo said during the presentation of the local. Hence his philosophy “From bowl to soul” that described in 4 words emotional and creative cuisine developing this brand.

Among its popular dishes highlights Chicken Katsu, well known by fans of the brand in their country of origin, consisting of thin slices of chicken curry served with Japanese rice bed. His letter begins by Side Dishes, what They can be considered a starters for its slightly smaller size, and continues to integrate different forms of Asian cuisine such as ramen or teppanyaki. A notice for debutantes, the portions are generous to Wagamama style.

The area the kitchen is divided into 4 different sections according to cooking methods. "Quality is not incompatible with the speed and here we show," says Benito. He tells us, following the tradition of this company in London home, Food is served at the time to preserve its pillars: quality, freshness and speed. This is achieved, precisely, because each part of the kitchen is separate from the other. When a plate is requested, This will leave the same site by entering the commands, without having to rely chefs including preparation for.

International expantion

Once this British Asian brand air It has crossed our border, The question to us is when and where to open next Wagamama? According Luis Sancha, its international expansion director, arrival in other countries is being conducted in an orderly manner in order to ensure keep the spirit of the firm in all its franchises. Even so, this year 2017, the company plans to conquer new territories, including the Mediterranean coast (Spain, France and Italy).

For the moment, from today we can delight their tasty same irreverent dishes at Madrid Serrano street Y, in no time, Also at Genoa and Barcelona, so we not delay us more and, as they say Wagamama, #benoodlemyfriend.

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