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Waitry, the technological and strategic partner of more than 1200 restaurants


Inspired by a long wait at a restaurant, Waitry born in 2014 Hand Alejandro Etchegoyen as a solution to this problem. With the years, its approach goes beyond the local sphere, and now it's a vital tool in the digital transformation of restaurants in more than ten countries.

Its growth over time has been uneven, However. And is that, Although Waitry has received funding from major accelerators such as ImagineLab Argentina, the reception of the app mobile has recently exploded because of the coronavirus crisis.

It has been able to adapt to the difficult circumstances in which restaurant professionals currently operate and has created a comprehensive digitization service indispensable for many.

In addition to serving as an order manager online, offers the consumer a simple application with full integration with digital wallets. The professionals of the sector, meanwhile, can take advantage of the tools offered by Waitry to connect their messaging accounts, social media and review pages from a common environment, as well as analyze the information collected and put it in value through functions for digital marketing and maintenance of client databases.

With this cast of utilities, the app has gone from providing service to 120 restaurants in Argentina and Spain in early 2020, to serve more than 1200. In fact, its growth rate is such that in the company they plan to reach the 3000 partner restaurants before the end of the year. The application would then manage 5 million orders and would be used by one million unique users.

Among the Spanish restaurants that cooperate with Waitry stands out, without a doubt, the famous gourmet burger chain, the top. It should also be noted The English Bakery, 100 tapas, Eat&Speak, Yakuza, The Lobstar, Arrozal Ca la Nuri, Simone restaurant, Lilo Cafe, but these are just some of the associated brands, among the dozens who already trust Waitry's services to improve their customer service times, anti-COVID-19 measures regarding the elimination of contact surfaces, and digitization of the restaurant.

While the basic functions of the app they are complete, Waitry's true potential lies in its possible operation as technological and strategic partner.

The technology it is a great ally when facing capacity limitations, schedule restrictions and other demands imposed by governments to combat the expansion of the SARS-2 among our fellow citizens. Nevertheless, although the idea is simple on paper, it often turns out that the process of adaptation to new technologies (virtual wallets, client relations bases, artificial intelligence, philosophy contactless, etc.) has a steep learning curve that acts as a barrier to access. Waitry breaks from the start with that preconception, but it also offers its services of partnership to tackle new ideas.

As Andrés Luzón explains, Head of IT systems at Goiko, «The flexibility of the software and the possibility of being able to come to the table with a project, to be able to discuss it, make some work schemes and be able to have it up and running in such a short time, allows you to make strategies and business plans with super revolutionary ideas ».

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At a time marked by uncertainty, systems like Waitry can mean the difference between business continuity and closure. These digital order management tools are especially useful for minimize inefficiencies temporary in service, eliminate errors humans in taking orders, centralize and sync devices several from the restaurant, Reduce costs of operation, optimize each order, give greater control over the restaurant and its performance.

You have to influence your integration with POS from Hosteltáctil, Agora Y Lightspeed, ment for some. The number of collaborators in this regard is around thirty. In this way, the restaurant can act on prices, table layout, entry and exit of products on the menu

And speaking of the letter, Waitry is also in charge of converting it to the format contacless. The restorer only has to upload its content through the application, and easily and intuitively becomes a digital menu with comfortable format, readable and interactive for the client. Automatic translations can be included, videos and even animations if necessary.

And all this information is accessible through a QR code quickly and easily. Customers only have to focus on the codes located on the tables with your phone's camera to access the digital menu from their mobile terminal. It is even possible to use link cutters so that the menu is hosted via the web and can be consulted prior to visiting the premises.

In summary, Waitry seeks to position itself as a app holistic mobile for the catering sector, which among other functions has:

  • Communication of commands directly from the client's mobile device and KDS system for digitizing the kitchen
  • Compatibility with tablets and self-order kiosks
  • Full integration with a plethora of point of sale terminals
  • Management of orders for delivery the consumption on-premise
  • Digital chart development contactless last generation
  • Analytical tools, CRM, of segmentation and customer loyalty
  • Personnel management tools
  • API compatible with software management, accounting, marketing and more
  • Virtual waiting lists
  • Sales optimization and service customization features

A tool to be taken into account by professionals in the sector who want to integrate their technological systems, also, in these tough times they need an extra push to get afloat.

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