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WeChat revolutionizes the turnover of the Chinese restaurants in New York


The way advertising is done has changed dramatically in recent years. Since the advent of digital communication networks, traditional avenues have been losing relevance to be almost totally eclipsed by the publicity associated with new technologies.

In the case of the reviews for restaurants, not previously appeared elsewhere but in national newspapers and magazines such, there is now a whole lot of websites whose owners are delivered in body and soul to analyze how detailed his experiences in the most important gastronomic establishment of its area of ​​influence.

This has allowed many businesses have been able to restore reach stardom despite not being treated in any of the gastronomic guides more important.

Clear example of this is the situation by passing the Chinese restaurants in the US metropolis par excellence. Restaurants in New York dedicated to this niche business are in a buoyant situation thanks to intelligent and surreptitious use of the application WeChat.

WeChat is an application especially famous communication between the Chinese community and utilities that mixes various social networks and messaging services, In a way it is a hybrid that has the best specifications Whatsapp, Yelp, Facebook and Instagram.

But the technical capabilities that account software It is not what really matters in the case of WeChat, which undoubtedly is decisive it is how the app Mobile allows target advertising online to a receptive audience, Chinese community living in New York City.

Chinese immigrants form a not inconsiderable proportion of the population of the coastal city of EE. THE. In addition to students who have opted for making or finishing their studies outside the continent Asia, there are a lot of workers of Chinese origin, and small business owners.

For all this, the number of establishments that specialize in Chinese food has increased very significantly over the last decade, to the point that now the competition to attract potential customers has become fierce, becoming absolutely necessary to resort to any marketing ruse to outdo the other rivals.

WeChat it offers a perfect platform to attract the attention of the Chinese immigrant population in the US. THE. Dining entries that are shared in the app function as mobile ads: when a user WeChat read one of these posts and like the content, This may end up being shared and reach more people.

And this is so even when it is perceived that the reviews are not entirely legitimate, even when they masked a promotion of a particular establishment.

Although this type of advertising online is illegal if not stated so clearly is an advertising campaign, the reality is that it is very difficult to act against profiles that emit this kind of writing. And if being forced to close an account for legal reasons, nothing prevents open a new and re-operate the same way.

Sometimes it is not necessary to resort even illegal activities, just count on the fact that the population does not care in the least that the information has been economically favored by the restaurant, it is important that this information is accurate, even when relevant parts are omitted that could change public opinion.

A) Yes, have sufficed a few years for those who once worked with independent accounts have begun to form advertising agencies online specialized in offering such services.

It is a lucrative business for the advertiser. While profits with which affects the activity are kept in absolute secrecy. But it is logical to think that the most important players in this environment, como Foodie Squad of the Greater New York, a company based in Los Angeles and was originally founded by Chinese immigrants, perceived income millionaires when they serve their information to more than 55 000 located in New York followers, Chicago, Seattle and other major US cities. THE.

Of course, for partner restaurants it is also widely profitable. Besides a clear competitive advantage against other businesses in the same niche, They can reach new customers, especially those younger who have not yet developed loyalty to any of the many existing restaurants. In this way the pioneers of promotions WeChat They are the loyalty of much of the Chinese community thanks to post published in this social network, with the ultimate goal of obtaining a high percentage of recurring customer base that guarantees a stable business volume in setting and serve shuttle for possible expansions.

WeChat works perfectly among young Chinese, newcomers both descendants of first or second generation. But we must not forget that many other social networks are aimed at different segments of the population, and these can add value to address a public pre-screening. A) Yes, advertising efforts online may be more effective and efficient.

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