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weSAVEeat: free app for the restaurant did not throw anything and everyone wins


The app that allows restaurants-and other food businesses- profitable leftovers and users eat luxury for a price 'low cost’ It is on the market, and widely accepted.

Over the days and weeks, free application weSAVEeat It is gaining popularity by leaps and bounds because it allows an opportunity to turn what until recently was presented as a both moral and economic problem.

Winning restaurants, supply business, customers and the environment. Because weSAVEeat not throw anything. Or what is the same, It takes advantage all. Definitely, everyone wins, as he insists ensure creative and strong advocate, Eva Jorge Santos, who has already submitted the application with great success in the last edition of ExpoHip.

In fact, The app weSAVEeat, available for IOS and Android, He stood at the Top 10 of the most downloaded applications in its first week of release. It started in Barcelona with the collaboration of fifty restaurants and late last year made the jump to the rest of Spain.

In its first week of operation, got installed among the ten most downloaded category “Lifestyle”. Everything points to its potential will be extraordinary and very beneficial for users.

Currently, Just a few months after launch, this innovative app in our country He has already had 20.000 downloads, a very important figure and its creator is proud. Accessions to the project to reduce the amount of waste is steadily increasing both by institutions and customers.

Register and remain in the app as free local partner. Each batch of products or food sold, weSAVEeat a commission monthly stays and settles all its partners.

Great discounts

The new App allows purchase at a discount of between 50% and the 70% surplus food collaborating establishments that have not managed to sell during the day.

The operation is very simple. Through the app installed on your mobile phone, consumers have access to lots of food available at retail partners around (restaurants, bakeries and takeaway establishments) and they can pick up the end of the day before closing thereof, paying comfortably from your mobile device.

Thus so easy, in addition to save a significant amount of money, weSAVEeat users save food products in perfect state, regularly, they had done in the trash.

Create value for all stakeholders

Eva Jorge Santos highlights the usefulness of this tool and benefit of not only the industry but also society in general. "The food waste is clearly an anomaly in the world of hospitality, not only from an economic point of view, but also, and above all, moral”, He argues the creator of the app.

According to a study AECOC, Association of Manufacturers and Distributors, some 7,7 million tons of food are wasted every year in Spain. In this sense, Santos explains that “with weSAVEeat offer the possibility of transforming this problem into an opportunity, creating value for all stakeholders: the markets, the consumers, and society”.

The app was submitted to the hospitality sector under the #TeatroDigital, during the last edition #ExpoHIP, and it generated great expectation and acceptance among the public.

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