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"WhereBot" new chatbot for Facebook that helps you discover nearby restaurants


The chatbots (joining chat + robot) They are one of the calls to revolutionize communication channels seems that nobody doubts. supposed applying artificial intelligence to human conversations and new technologies We keep on digital channels.

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One of the major drivers of the chatbot is Facebook, and is the world's largest social network continues to propose new uses based on this new communication environment.

Sometimes deciding which restaurant to go is a process full of doubts and unknowns, especially when we are visiting a city we do not know. In most of the time, at that moment we turn to the Internet to search for restaurants users who recommend any of the websites most relevant opinions.

But, Can you imagine you could chat with some virtual assistant what, as a local guide, I recommend the best restaurants or dishes that you have around you?

As well, in this it is what's involved Facebook. Today I want you to present your new chatbot called "WhereBot", you to find restaurant recommendations proximity of a fast and seems very efficient.

Accessed through Facebook Messenger where you can have a conversation with one chatbot that will propose restaurants or meals based on your questions. If you wish to propose the closest you just have to tell you where these (“nearby______”) or share your geolocation, as simple as that.

Here you have video so you see the functioning:

The advantages of "WhereBot" Facebook

Just so you understand well, It is similar to navigate a web search engine a restaurant but the interaction is done through a chat, with three important advantages:

1.-allow perfect navigation with very low levels of connection by relying almost the entire text content, only consumes some kilobytes. This is ideal for rural or poor connection, even in countries where connections are inefficient they will be able to surf the Internet in this way.

2.-This virtual assistant is available on 365 days a year and 24 hours of the day. The user can receive advice at the time what required, without limitation, just to start a conversation from your computer or smartphone.

3.-Operation is optimal for structured discussions in microservices. You can substitute a very high degree of efficiency all those little repetitive services given in a restaurant, as may be information about any data the restaurant or making a reservation. Perform repetitive tasks imitating human behavior.

Surely many are thinking it may be a ideal tool for WhatsApp, hold a conversation on this channel with a wizard that will guide you on the basis of the information you require at all times. No doubt that there is where you are going the big business that Facebook will soon launch for Whatsapp…We'll be alert!

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