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What if your boss was a Millennial?


One of the target on which more have worried hoteliers and restaurateurs think in recent times, They are known as Millennials. It is normal, since they make up a high percentage of new consumers who consider the market today and know how they think, their tastes and hobbies, es un gran paso para el gerente que quiere fidelizarlos as a target audience, even for those who want to get the most out of them as employees.

Because, one of the biggest problems facing restaurant owners, It is how to attract, convert them into customers and / or retain them as employees to integrate them into the team and grow with the company. Generation Y, O millennials, it is becoming more and influence as consumers are becoming more evident.

But, What it happens when a millennial longer target audience and goes to the other side of the barrier, when instead of being customer, manages a restaurant? We must begin to realize that Sooner than later, Millennials will dominate the workforce. Without going further, It is expected that by the year 2020 more than one 75% of the US workforce is made up of millennials.

Currently there are studies as performed by the PwC partnership with the University of Southern California and the London Business School, indicating that 28% the millennial generation is still developing management functions, but that a 83% of respondents admit to having worked for some millennial manager.

In a few years, business owners, managers and heads will millennials, una generación que además se ha mostrado muy firme a la hora de demostrar la capacidad de liderazgo y emprendimiento.

Desenmascarando a los gerentes millennials

So good the media and other opinion makers They have been commissioned to draw a prototype that is listless Millennial, selfless and selfish in relation to the problems around you, who they have had the opportunity to work with them, They think the opposite.

If you believe that the millennial generation is not ready to, for example, be managers of restaurants and hospitality businesses, you should know that nothing is further from reality. While it is possible that this generation Encare problems or attitude towards work in a different way their parents and predecessors, in no case worse results.

You understand Millennials will help us better work with them, so let's analyze 5 characteristics some managers who have already been put in front of restaurant business.

  1. Technology is the center of his life, everything revolves around it

If there is one characteristic that defines quintessential generation milenials, is the use of technology. The members of this new generation capacity have particularly outstanding when learn new skills Y perform daily operations faster and easier thanks to applications or different channels, but always technological.

It is necessary to say at this point, what this skill and even reliance on technology to do the job is more than justified at a time when you create and share as much data each day. In fact it has been said that in recent 3 years, It has generated as much information as throughout the history of the Internet since its inception.

  1. They use many communication channels

If milenials are always connected, It is the capacity and need to be anytime, anywhere, no longer exists typical: "has gone out, will call you when I get back ".

Smartphones keep us all day online and so, a feature of the millennial manager is available 24 hours a day through multiple channels such as the web, the email, twitter o facebook, as well as comments on websites like TripAdvisor O Yelp.

  1. They can be the best connection with the group of waiters or employees of a restaurant

Every manager of a restaurant can confirm the disorder which accounts for business recruitment, contracting and hiring a new employee. If this must be added a decrease in productivity of other staff to teach the newcomer, we can confirm that for traditional managers, recruitments are one of the most difficult aspects of managing in a restaurant.

Los millennials, instead, They have acquired a general awareness that helps them empathize more with the newcomer. The prospect that many traditional restaurateurs can understand when studying this age group, It is that they are volatile, without fear of change and nonconformist. For this reason there is no better alternative for dealing with a staff of young employees and a good manager belonging to this generation.

  1. They are managers not afraid to get down in the mud

A Millennial manager will never be satisfied controlling everything "from the sidelines". They need to go out and play with other equipment and check the ins and outs of the positions that they must control. Thus the level of involvement que un gerente puede llegar a adquirir con respecto a lo que pasa en su restaurante es muy elevado.

further, as managers act much more based on problem solving in a collaborative and participatory way and need feedback from their employees. They have perfectly assimilated that there are aspects of his restaurant from the top of the organizational structure can be overlooked.

  1. They strive to find the balance between work life and personal life

Hotelier work is very hard: you have to deal with the negative reviews both offline and online channel, everyday mishaps may arise modify your plan, conflicts with suppliers, managing your employees…

In this situation, the Millennial manager It has a great ability to prioritize under pressure, and solve problems more calmly. Many times, Aided by technology can do much easier day to day. They are also well aware that for a less stressful work, the environment that should be in it too must be.

Caution the next time you go to judge the ability of a millennial to be a restaurant manager

It is very common to rush to judge the ability of the millennial generation to lead a project or business by the belief that they are pasotas the selfish. But the truth is that They are much more aware of their capabilities, They are clear about what they are not good at, but also that they are given very well, and they are able to enhance it.

They are a generation looking more for people than for sales, who prefers a good atmosphere at work, but not therefore neglect their objectives, Y They are capable to get them.

All these qualities that shows millennials as fit to manage a restaurant or any other business, They are the same that you should consider when trying to attract and retain talent in your company.

In the same way, these are the qualities a millennial expects to find in a work environment within hospitality:

  • A business that works according to values ethics and honesty.
  • A real opportunity to bring all their worth and knowledge to enhance the brand restaurant, both in the offline world, and the world online.
  • Salary and working conditions according to their value and contribution to the business organization.
  • The flexibility to balance personal life with working life.
  • opportunities grow within the company.

Millennials managers lucharán para que su restaurante marque la diferencia, They will form, explorarán nuevos campos y no tendrán ningún miedo de aprovechar las posibilidades que ofrece el mundo online para mejorar los procesos de sus negocios.

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Jose Berenguer

Degree in journalism and editor. I am writing from before the age of reason. I love to research about food, restaurants and new technologies. I forget to put down your feet and I feel better watching a movie or reading a book. I also like to talk about movies.



  1. Hola Jose,

    me ha gustado mucho tu artículo, aunque hay algunos aspectos con los que no estoy de acuerdo.

    Lo encuentro muy útil porque gran parte del personal de hostelería es mayor que esta generación, y es cierto que comienzan a tener jefes de estas edades, llenos de energía porque comienzan su carrera profesional.

    Lo que no estoy de acuerdo es en generalizar tanto. At the end, los millenials son (we are) people, cada uno tiene su personalidad y su carácter, y no a todos les gusta estar alpie del cañónni tampoco congenian bien con todo el mundo. Depende de la persona.

    Coincido completamente con que no se preocupan tanto por las ventas como por las personas. I think that, dando un paso más, esto es debido a la crisis que han vivido desde niños. Debido a ella, se han dado cuenta mejor que sus padres de que las ventas son personas. That is to say, si las personas están contentas, comprarán más. So, creo que para ellos es mucho más fácil intuir que si los clientes no están contentos, no van a vender. No hacen esta diferenciación que se ha venido haciendo desde el boom económico.

    En definitiva está muy bien que ya se vayan viendojefitos” Y “jefitasmás jóvenes que pueden introducir novedades al negocio. Y desde luego no es fácil para el que es mayor que él seguir sus criterios e implementaciones, ni tampoco es fácil para el millienial decirle a quien tiene mucha más experiencia laboral qué es lo que tiene que hacer.

    Ahí estamos, pero lo superaremos 😉

    • Jose Berenguer

      Hola Ana!
      Antes de nada, agradecerte tu comentario y decirte que, por supuesto que lo superaremos! En relación al tema de generalizar, you're right, de esta forma es normal caer en el error porque cada persona es diferente. Lo que se busca con este tipo de artículos, es dar una visión, precisamente a nivel general de una situación concreta como es la incorporación de los millennial a puestos de mayor rango.
      Cada cual luego tiene su idiosincrasia personal y su forma de actuar, pero me pareció buena idea remarcar algunos rasgos identificativos de esta generación, para entender un poco el mundo que nos espera. Y en ello estamos, como bien apuntabas en tu comentario, ¡lo superaremos!

  2. Es la primera vez que indago en tu blog y la verdad me ha parecido; Nevertheless, creo que colocar datos estadísticos de estudios realizados al respecto no te vendría nada mal.


    • Jose Berenguer

      Gracias por tu comentario Claudia. En el artículo citamos algún estudio y lo que hacemos, es plantear conclusiones en base los datos que nos dan. Más que una simple exposición de datos, intentamos siempre indagar un poco más para ofreceros explicaciones e hipótesis interesantes, que siempre estamos dispuestos a debatir 😉

    • Diego Coquillat

      Gracias Claudia por tu matización, en el artículo hay enlaces a los siguientes estudios con datos estadísticos:



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