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The pizza is here Telepizza chocolate and Nestle


A few days ago we told how Love Telepizza by Nestlé and Twitter, born intend to devise a chocolate pizza for Valentine. It was all part of a campaign under the hashtag #entucajaoenlamía, with which sought to create sweet anticipation of this special creation for Valentine's Day.

Some days after, we have the new pizza both brands have conceived and since today is now available. The new telepizza call #SweetHechaConCAJAROJA This is a pizza crust "cover crunchy chocolate and hazelnut, with a touch of peanut and authentic and delicious @chocolatenestle"As has been commissioned to announce the string itself through its Twitter account.

The #SweetHechaConCAJAROJA stirred social networks

The reactions in social networks have been expected and come in all types and calibres. From fans, that certainly will not expect the next 14 February to ask, and they have shown their acceptance and joy in social networks, the most reluctant users to this idea.

The reason mainly exposed, It is insanitary a product like this, combines the pizza dough a lot of chocolate and sugar.

And you, we want to know what you think. Do you like the idea and think about the #SweetHechaConCAJAROJA to spend Valentine's Day with your partner with sofa, manta, movie and pizza? Or conversely you think insane and prefer something lighter for that night. Perhaps you are thinking more in a plan #AntiSanValentin.


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