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Now you can enjoy Starbucks coffee in capsules


2018 He has begun with news for the chain Starbucks because from this week, in Spain and you can enjoy some of the best coffees 100% arabica ethically sourced and natural tan format compatible machines individual capsules Nespresso®*.

Brand lovers can finally enjoy your favorite coffee at home. These capsules are the easiest and most convenient way to drink coffee, And because of that Starbucks wanted to move to this new format its most prominent flavors as the Espresso roast, roasted and intense flavor, with hints of caramel, the Colombia, Guatemala or Kenya.

recyclable capsules

Starbucks also will give the opportunity to recycle the capsules in their stores as well as all kinds of coffee capsules compatible with Nespresso machines *. Customers can take them to any of the chain stores, what It is also responsible for recycling.

Remember that You can buy Starbucks espresso coffee capsules in any of its stores. Enjoy it!

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